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Meet the Artist: Cappy Thompson

February 9, 2005
Cappy Thompson - Evergreen

Cappy Thompson's narrative paintings on glass panels and blown vessels are appropriately called "picture poems." Using the techniques of medieval stained glass, she incorporates the imagery of folk tales, religious art, primitive painting, and Hindu mythology with personal experiences to create compelling narratives. Her work owes much to storytelling's ability to charm, teach, and engage.

Among her more recent works is a 90 x 33-foot painted window-wall at Sea-Tac International Airport near Seattle, WA. Entitled, "I Was Dreaming of Spirit Animals," it depicts a couple sleeping in a tower. Behind is the arc of the night sky, shining with 17 animals of the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere. The mythical horses Pegasus and Equilius draw a chariot bearing the Sun and the Moon, who sprinkle stars upon the dreamers and travelers below. Ms. Thompson's lecture will include a video of the making of the window-wall.