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Meet the Artist: Dan Clayman

March 9, 2006
Dan Clayman - Circular Object One

Dan Clayman's exquisite cast glass sculptures are subtle echoes of objects we know: a lute, a temple—even purses and household irons. Yet the lute is silent; the temple devoid of its altar. His seemingly functional objects have no function.

Clayman creates elegant yet restrained forms: organic, metaphorical, and abstract. He dwells on harmony and tension, which he explores in his fragile "pods" of luminous glass nestled in bronze shells; in the strong, tactile shapes of cast glass weapons and columns; and in the tapering glass cones that appear to balance on a fragile tip. Perhaps most distinctive about his work is his focus on form and meaning. Now in his third decade of glass casting, he is focusing on how and what we see. What is shadow? What is light? How can cast glass capture their essence?

“Nothing in space shows until light reflects it,” he says “Think of the knot in the attic wall. Dust is reflected in the light shining through it. I think of my latest work as grabbing that light beam out of the air.”

Mr. Clayman will discuss his past and future work in a lecture that will begin at 6:00 p.m.

The reception and lecture are free, but reservations are required.