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Meet the Artist: Jiří Harcuba & April Surgent

June 24, 2010
Jiří Harcuba - Portrait of Jaroslav Horejc

Hear from Czech artist and master engraver, Jiří Harcuba, and his student and emerging artist, April Surgent. Harcuba, a renowned artist and educator whose work is featured in the current Masters of Studio Glass exhibition, is known for his simple, yet elegant, portraits in glass. Harcuba treats all of his subjects in a similar fashion, using spare sculptural cuts and subtle optical effects to create their individual profiles. Surgent takes a photographic and painterly approach to engraving, using her own photographs - many of urban environments - as her image sources. After fusing colored sheets of glass, she "develops" the images by grinding the glass to reveal the neutral and colorful underlayers.

Members-only Reception
5:15 p.m.
Museum Members are invited to come before the lecture for a private reception with the artists and members of the Museum's curatorial staff.


Jiří Harcuba
Jiří Harcuba (1928 - 2013) was widely regarded as a glassmaker who deserved to be called a "legend." He was born into a glassmaking family, and his admiration for the famous 19th-century Bohemian engraver Dominik Biemann led him to learn the craft....
April Surgent (Photo credit Ethan Stern)
April Surgent started working with glass in 1997, in Seattle, Wash. She studied at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, earning her BFA with honors, in 2004. She moved back to Seattle in 2005 and set up a cold-working glass...