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Meet the Artist: Susan Plum

February 10, 2011
Susan Plum - Woven Heaven, Tangled Earth

Enjoy a lecture by mixed-media artist Susan Plum. For her, glass is a metaphor for light and a way to concretize the invisible. She weaves glass, or “filaments of light,” into intricate sculptures. Of Mexican heritage, Plum was born in the United States and brought up in Mexico City. She was fascinated with the way ancient Mesoamerican culture existed side-by-side with the modern metropolis. As a young art student, she embraced Surrealism and Magic Realism.

Plum envisions a world that is inclusive, culturally diverse, and aesthetically vital, and she has cultivated an artistic language that makes connections between the mythic world and the real. In her installations, she seeks to create a space in which to experience unity and connectedness despite differences in religion, nationality, and race.

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5:15 p.m.
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