Ennion Society

Ennion Society

The Corning Museum of Glass honors as members of the Ennion Society those individuals who make annual gifts of $1,200 or more toward enhancing the world's most comprehensive collection of glass objects and glass-related resources at The Corning Museum of Glass. Members of the Ennion Society play a critical role in ensuring the Museum's stature as the international leader in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge about the art, history, science, and technology of glass and glassmaking.

The name of this select society of philanthropists honors Ennion, a glass artist in the Roman Empire in the mid-first century A.D. Ennion was the first glassmaker to sign his name on glass objects that have survived until modern times. Glasses bearing his name are among the earliest datable mold-blown vessels in the world. The transparent blue cup with two narrow strap handles pictured here contains two inscriptions in Greek: “Ennion made [it]” and “May the buyer be remembered.” Together, they can be regarded as an acknowledgment of the glassblower as artist, as well as a tribute to the purchaser as arts patron. Ennion is thought to have owned or frequented a glass workshop in northern Italy, but little else is known about him. The Corning Museum of Glass owns two objects signed by Ennion.

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For more information, please contact us at 607.438.5555 or email us at ennionsociety@cmog.org.

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$1,200 to $2,499

In appreciation for annual support in the $1,200 to $2,499 range, the Museum extends a variety of privileges:

  • free Museum admission and complimentary Museum admission for accompanied guests each time you visit
  • discounts or free admission at other cultural institutions participating in ROAM (Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums)
  • subscription to the Members' magazine, The %%Gather%%
  • complimentary copy of New Glass Review and Notable Acquisitions
  • 15% discount off regularly priced items at the GlassMarket, at the Museum's restaurants, and on registration for the Annual Seminar on Glass
  • express ticket line to buy food and beverage at each 2300° event and members-only bar at 2300°
  • invitations to major exhibition previews
  • members-only exhibition tours with curators
  • invitations to private events with contemporary artists, architects, and scientists who work with glass and visits to artists’ studios and private or museum collections of glass objects
  • invitation to the annual Ennion Society dinner at the Museum
  • invitations to participate in domestic glass-focused trips and international tours of institutions and sites important to the art and history of glass
  • prominent listing in the Annual Report, on the Museum’s website and in The %%Gather%%

$474 is not tax deductible, or choose to waive membership benefits for a fully tax deductible donation.

Collectors Circle

$2,500 to $4,999

The Collectors Circle offers opportunities to join collectors and others interested in glass of a certain period or provenance in learning more about glass objects and glass collecting. The Collectors Circle offers all of the privileges of basic membership in the Ennion Society, as well as:

  • the opportunity to select, by annual ballot, an object that will be acquired with Ennion Society funds; the choices are pre-selected by the Museum's curators
  • Collectors Circle members may choose membership in one of the following Circles:
    • Ancient & Islamic Glass
    • European Glass through the 18th Century
    • American Glass through the 19th Century
    • Modern Glass
  • invitations to twice-a-year gatherings with the Executive Director and President of the Museum, Board members, and glass experts

$564 is not tax deductible, or choose to waive membership benefits for a fully tax deductible donation.

Sustainers Circle

$5,000 to $9,999

All the privileges of the Collectors Circle level, plus an invitation to join any two Collectors Circles.

$564 is not tax deductible, or choose to waive membership benefits for a fully tax deductible donation.

Curators Circle

$10,000 to $24,999

All of the privileges of the Sustainers Circle level, plus the opportunity to consult with a curator about an object that the donor owns or is considering purchasing. Note: the curator will not be able to assess value but can advise on authenticity, provenance, and condition.

$564 is not tax deductible, or choose to waive membership benefits for a fully tax deductible donation.

Directors Circle

$25,000 and above

All of the privileges of the Curators Circle level, plus listing on the Museum's website as a Directors Circle member.

$564 is not tax deductible, or choose to waive membership benefits for a fully tax deductible donation.

Gifts of The Ennion Society

These works in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass are gifts of the Ennion Society. 

Vase with Cubist Composition - Artwork
Deckelpokal (Goblet with Cover) - Artwork
Bowl with Nilotic Scene - Artwork
Portrait Inlay of Pharaoh Akhenaten - Artwork
Circular Object One - Artwork
Evening Dress with Shawl - Artwork
Set of Drinking Glasses with Ruby Glass Feet - Artwork
Porphyry Vase - Artwork
The Cold Genius - Artwork
Untitled 2 - Artwork