Junior Curators

Junior Curators

Students in 8th grade through 12th grade are invited to join our after-school program. Learn what happens behind the scenes at the world’s best glass museum and curate an exhibition that will be viewed by thousands of visitors from around the world.

Each week, the students learn about the art, history, and science of glass as they focus their attention on works of modern artists. Students develop their research skills and create an exhibit that is seen by summer visitors from around the world.

Students meet Thursday afternoons, March through June.

Students must apply for acceptance into this program. A recommendation must be included with the application.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2017

Download an Application Form

Contact: The Education Department at jrcurators@cmog.org or +1 (607) 438-5126

To prepare for curating the show, Junior Curators toured the Museum, The Studio, and the Rakow Research Library; studied glassworking techniques; and made their own glass flowers and beads at The Studio. They also ventured behind the scenes and learned the responsibilities of museum specialists, including the conservator, registrar, librarian, and curatorial assistant. One of their most rewarding experiences was a question and answer session with the Museum’s curators.

The Junior Curators repeatedly surveyed the glass in The Studio and considered important questions: How was each object made? What relationships exist between the objects? How can we help our audience engage with the objects? As they examined The Studio collection, the Junior Curators analyzed why their favorite pieces appealed to them - whimsy, detail, fragility, nature, opposites, and patterns – and thought about what brings all of these together. The 2014 Junior Curators selected a wide range of glass art to illustrate the theme of connections through imagination.

This collection set highlights some of their favorite experiences. 

Orphee aux Feuillages (Orpheus in Foliage) - Artwork
Gianni Toso - Biography
"Fazzoletto" (Handkerchief) Vase - Artwork
Lino Tagliapietra - Biography
Stars and Stripes Acid Capsule #4 - Artwork
Treg Silkwood - Biography
Chess Set - Artwork
Amber Cowan - Biography
Ionic Structure of Glass - Artwork
Jiyong Lee - Biography

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