Flameworking Demo

Flameworking Demo

Flameworking Demos are live, narrated demonstrations of glassworking at a 5,000 degree Fahrenheit gas- and oxygen-powered torch. Shows take place throughout the day, in the Glass Innovation Center, and are included in the cost of admission. See today's schedule.

Expert flameworkers demonstrate the glassmaking technique of forming objects from rods and tubes of glass at a torch, and talks you through the process. Each show takes about 15 minutes.

During the show, you’ll see the flameworker %%melt%% the rods and tubes in the flame and then shape the softened glass into any variety of shapes, from glass animals to beads toornaments, sculptures, and vessels.

The flameworking technique probably dates back to ancient times. It was certainly known in France and Venice in the 15th century, and it has been practiced ever since. Originally, the source of the flame was an oil or paraffin lamp. Today, flameworkers use torches fueled with gas. Flameworking was the first glassworking technique demonstrated at the Museum, and it continues to be demonstrated here every day.


Eric Goldschmidt
Properties of Glass Programs Supervisor
Caitlyn Hyde