You Design It; We Make It

You Design It; We Make It!

Try your hand at designing your own glass masterpiece! With You Design It, We Make It, glassmaking comes alive for visitors of all ages. This popular hands-on program is available during the summer and some school breaks.

What inspires you? Maybe something from the Museum’s collection, something from nature, or maybe something from your imagination. The possibilities are endless.*

Here’s how it works: Everything you need — drawing paper, markers, crayons — will be available at the Museum. All you need to do is draw your idea and tell us about your design. Then submit your drawing at the main Admissions Desk. That’s it!

Glassmakers at the Hot Glass Show will choose a drawing and make that piece in front of a live audience in the Amphitheater Hot Shop. Best of all, the designer can watch his or her vision become reality. Glassmakers at both the Hot Glass Demo and Flameworking Demo will choose a drawing and make that piece in front of a live audience at the Amphitheater Hot Shop and the Flameworking Demo in the Innovation Center.

If your design is chosen for either the Hot Glass Demo or the Flameworking Demo and completed successfully, we will contact you so that you may keep it. Glass pieces must anneal overnight, so there may be a shipping charge.

*We’re sorry but we will not consider designs of any kind of weapon.