[The A.C.B. jewelers' wholesale price list].

[The A.C.B. jewelers' wholesale price list].
A.C. Becken Company, Chicago, IL, USA.
Chicago, Ill. : A. C. Becken Company, [1907]
p. 353, 392-394, 404, 414-416, 426, 432-446 : ill. ; 28 cm.
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American Cut Glass Association.
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CMGL does not own original catalog.
CMGL owns an additional photocopy of this catalog (less complete), received as part of ACGA Archives and kept with that archive.
Gift ; ACGA ; 2012 1000122676
Photocopy. [S.l.] : ACGA, [2003] [24] leaves, 1 p. copied per leaf ; 28 cm.
Cut glass tableware including sterling silver salts and peppers, water sets, pitchers, wine and whiskey sets, carafes, vases, violet ball and plate, handled baskets, flower holders, rose bowls, tumblers, punch or sherbet cups, stemware, decanters, oil and vinegars, colognes, catsup bottles, punch bowls, celery trays, nappies, bowls, footed jelly bowls, compotes, ice tubs, covered butter dishes, butter tubs, mayonaise bowls, cigar jars, nut bowls, bon bons or olive dishes, sugar and cream sets, sugar bowls, finger bowls, knife rests, toothpick holders, bells, individual salts, syrup pitchers, and more.
Trade catalog photocopy.
Photocopy of select pages from a [1907] catalog.
A.C.B. Jewelers' catalogs issued by A.C. Becken Company.
Rich American cut glass.
Cut glass begins on p. 426.
Received as part of ACGA archives.