Baccarat depuis 1764.

Compagnie des cristalleries de Baccarat, Paris, France.
Paris : Compagnie des cristalleries de Baccarat, [1983-1984].
1 v. (looseleaf) : col. ill. ; 31 cm.
Édition 1983
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Trade Catalogs
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Baccarat, Paris, France.
Trade catalog.
Red, looseleaf notebook separated by divider tabs: plain stemware (p. 1A-8A), engraved stemware (p. 1B-6B), cut stemware (p. 1C-20C), bar and gourmet (p. 1D-23-D), table accessories (p. 1E-15E), vases (p. 1F-45F), animals (p. 1G-20G), ashtrays (p. 1H-12H), decorative pieces (p. 1I-16I), toilet articles (p. 1J-2J), black crystal (p. 1K-5K), paperweights (p. 1L-6L), lighting equipmentp. 1M-34M). Added at the end: Collection 1984 (p. 1N-7N), Baccarat collection 1985, 1 p., (p. 1O-7O) with 2 p. price list.
Includes: novelties, black glass, paperweights.
Catalog is in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.
CMGL has 3 copies of this edition. Copy 3 lacks the January 1983 price list.
Contents: --
1) Price-list January 1983. 64 p. (with cover letter, February 1983). --
2) Price list effective June 1, 1984. 14 p. (with cover letter June 20, 1984 [1] p; New items: June, 1984 [1] p., collection 1984 [2] p.).