Blenko handcraft glass : made in America by American craftsmen.

Blenko handcraft glass : made in America by American craftsmen.
Blenko Glass Company, Milton, WV, USA.
Evanston, Ill. : Vintage Catalogs, c2004.
19 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm.
Vintage Catalogs facsim. ed.
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Blenko 1951
High design numbers: 3753, 800. Price for item 366LL is $4.50 in catalog; $5.50 in price list.
Includes spiral stemware, crystal with colored rings, heavy Swedish type vases, and bubble glass.
Cover title.
Spiral bound.
Trade catalog reprint.
Digital reproduction of the catalog originally believed to be January 1951, but since the number 488 vases were featured in a 1946 Blenko display advertisement introducing new items, is now identified as being ca. 1946 by Tammy Kosla.
Begins with "A rich heritage of skill and ingenuity."
"Colors available: seagreen, turquoise, ruby, amethyst, and marine crystal"--Leaf 18. Skyblue is written in at the end of the list.
Includes January 1, 1951 price list (leaf 19) which lists the available colors as being marine crystal, emerald, chartreuse, turquoise, amber, ice blue, amethyst, and sea green.