[Book of costs]

T.G. Hawkes & Co.
Corning, N.Y. : T.G. Hawkes & Co., [ca. 1930-1946?]
[ca. 190] p. ; 30 x 30 cm.
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Trade catalog.
Not really a trade catalog, but an internal factory record.
In a post binder, thumb-indexed by pattern name. Flooded, cockled, water stained, soiled, in fragile condition, with many inserted notes on random sizes and colors of paper.
Probably begun in the early 1930s. Used over a span of years as the dates on the handwritten notes testify, e.g. Dudley Donisol, 1946. For later versions of this same type of information, see the notebooks on R-806.
Concerns costs (the basis for prices), with "S" being smooth, and "R" rough. Most of the ware is stemware, and most is in the Waterford series of patterns, with ware numbers chiefly in the 6000s and 7000s.
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