Breaking the Glass Ceiling.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling.
Bardhan, Gail.
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The Flow, (Winter 2010), pp. 32-34, ill.
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PER TP859.2.F64
Available full text in the "All About Glass" section of The Corning Museum of Glass Website.
"A brief overview of the ways in which women have worked with glass before 1950, as documented in articles, books, and original materials from the Rakow Research Library of The Corning Museum of Glass."
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Includes CMGL materials: 37209, v. 72, no. 15, Apr. 13, 1895 cover, p. 32 (fig. 1) -- ?????, p. 32 (fig. 2) -- 72339, Verrerie en bois, plate 16, p. 33 (fig. 3) -- 92675, postcard “Bouteilles sortant des fours à recuire, Verreries du Jumet”, p. 33 (fig. 4) -- 92675, postcard of women and children in a cylinder glass factory, Verreries du Centre de Jumet, p. 34 (fig. 5).