[Catalog of lamp bases, shades and globes].

[Catalog of lamp bases, shades and globes].
Southwestern Glass Co., Van Buren, AR, USA.
[Van Buren, Ark. : Southwestern Glass Co., 1981?]
37 leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
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Corning Glass Works.
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See also, CMGL catalogs of same name with 51 leaves (Bib no. 133106) and 67 leaves (Bib no. 46556)
Gift ; K. Burket ; 2013; 1000129375
Includes clear, colored, decorated, engraved, and etched lamp bases, globes, shades, bowls, vases.
Trade catalog.
Notebook with 37 numbered leaves of glass lamp parts.
Additional page added at front is a Corning memorandum from W.R. Schemerhorn, with handwritten notes to Ken Burket dated May 11, 1981. Notes indicate they would be meeting Dwight Morland, president of Southwestern Glass Co.
Also added: --
Numbered leaves, 52-57 of glass lamp parts --
Letter dated August 11, 1982 from Corning Glass Works to Dwight Morland president of Southwestern Glass Co. --
Letter dated August 17, 1982 from Southwestern Glass Company to Gerhard F. Koenig, Sales and Marketing Manager, Corning Glass Works --
Additional page with seven photographs of glass lamp parts, heavily annotated with a cover sheet, "Source - Southwestern Glass"...prior to 1986 handwritten.