Caught in a flood [slide].

Caught in a flood [slide].
Schaechter, Judith, 1961-
[Philadelphia, Pa.], 1990.
glass, copper foil ; 40 cm. x 85 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
Chao, Bruce.
Frantz, Susanne K.
Kardon, Janet.
Stained glass
copper foil
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Slides & Transparencies
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Call Number: 
NGR 12, no. 83
Call Number: 
Schaechter, Judith; NGR 12, no. 83
Description in New Glass Review: Stained glass, copper foil.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Colorless non lead glass; cut, engraved, enameled; assembled with copper foil; olychrome enamels. Horizontal format triptych comprised of two small vertical side panels flanking large center panel (almost square); overall polychrome scene of parts of six figures caught in turbulent blue green water; two figures in left panel are plated over with colorless glass, whole figure dressed in amethyst shirt in right panel sits on painted wooden raft fragment, parts of tree branch extend from waves; deep wooden frame partially covered in gold foil; traced through enamel in lower right corner of central panel: "(copyright symbol) c/J.S. 1990".
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Brue Chao.
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Susanne K. Frantz.
Technique: Stained glass and copper foil.
Type: Stained glass panel.
Image orientation: portrait/landscape.
Published in: New Glass Review 12, p. 26, no. 83.
Master slide condition: Scattered residue, scattered scratches, fingerprints, dust, dent, Good, no marks.
Slide condition: Scattered residue, scattered scratches, fingerprints, dust, dent, Good, no marks.
Copies in drawer: 3
New Glass Review 12; entry no. 257.2.90
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 12 no. 83
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Image of CMoG object: 91.4.23
Mentioned in New Glass Review Jury Statement: AI85475, p. 6, 7.