Cire perdue glass vase [picture].

Cire perdue glass vase [picture].
Lalique, René, 1860-1945.
glass ; H. 18 cm.
cire perdue
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Photograph is property of Nicholas M. Dawes.
Digitized from a loaned photograph; Nicholas M. Dawes; 2009.
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Additional description (from back label): In clear glass with rough, matt [sic] surface, the petal recesses stained in yellow enamel. Incised 321-21, numerous impressed fingerprints ; Height 6 3/4 in. (17.25 cm.) ; A distinctive feature of the cire perdue method of caxting is that it allows for undercutting in a design, not technicaly possible in conventional pressing or blowing. Lalique has exploited this advantage to a daring degree in the modelling of the roses on this sumptuous vessel, and has successfully highlighted their delicacy by staining the petal recesses lightly in bright yellow enamel. The incised numerals indicate a manufacture date of 1921.
"131" is written on the front and back of the photograph in wax pencil.
Technique: cire perdue.
Image orientation: portrait.
Lalique (8 x 10) black + white photos (Nicholas M. Dawes) ; Cire Perdue