Clusters of soap bubbles [picture].

Clusters of soap bubbles [picture].
Song, Keunae, 1981-
[Riverside, RI], 2010.
glass, laundry detergent ; 35 cm. x 127 cm. x 50 cm.
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Nationality: Korean
Published in: New Glass Review 32, p. 46, no. 80.
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Description in New Glass Review: Korean, working in the United States; Blown glass, cut, soldered; laundry detergent.
Description from entry form: Blown glass with laundry detergent, cut, soldered.
Technique: Blown, cut.
Type: Sculpture.
Image from CD-ROM supplied by artist.
Image orientation: landscape.
New Glass Review 32; entry no. 107.1.10
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 32 no. 80.