[Collected sales brochures].

[Collected sales brochures].
T.G. Hawkes & Co., Corning, NY, USA.
Corning, N.Y. : T. G. Hawkes & Co. [1915-1929?]
35 items : ill. ; 16-54 x 8-28 cm.
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For microfilming purposes, sales brochures were arranged in ascending chronological order by printer's number found on back page of most items.
Brochures from 1923-5 had been originally pasted into a bound ledger entittled "Price Book" (there were no prices in the book when it was acquired by CMGL) ; the first few pages had been removed, 7 following pages were used as a scrapbook; the balance of the book was blank. The book had been flooded and many of the brochures had become detached. To enable both sides of each brochure to be filmed, the remainder were detached. Brochures vary in length from 2 to 8 page folders. Many are flooded and soiled; a few have illegible portions.
All brochures have been cataloged separately and are no longer housed together. See individual bib records for more information.
Brochures: --
A mixer with a moral (Bib 139600) --
The sine qua non of Limousine luxury (Bib 139601) --
Hawkes "Bridal veil" glass (Bib 139602) --
Hawkes radio ash tray: crystal glass and sterling silver (Bib 139603) --
Hawkes crystal glass: Roman rose globe and lining (Bib 139604) --
Hawkes crystal glass: individual cigarette holder with ash tray to match (Bib 139605) --
Hawkes Waterford glass (Bib 139606) --
Hawkes crystal "400": the elite of crystaldom, over four hundred new pieces for fall (Bib 139608) --
Hawkes crystal: a new goblet to give variety to your stock (Bib 139609) --
Hawkes crystal: a profit maker for summer days (139610) --
Hawkes crystal: moonshine bottle & tumblers that match (Bib 139611) --
The winning ball or a hole in one cigarette box (Bib 139612) --
Hawkes crystal: 19th hole bottle (Bib 139613) --
Hawkes crystal: 19th hole cocktail mixer (Bib 139614) --
Hawkes crystal: Mah Jongg ice-tea set (Bib 139615) --
The handle makes all the difference in the world...Hawkes (Bib 139616) --
For the sake of a sweet picture and of her... (Bib 139617) --
Sweets for the sweet (Bib 139618) --
For Milady's escritoire (Bib 139619) --
Flowers, touched by fair attendance, gladlier glow (Bib 139620) --
Beauty with a raison d'etre (Bib 139621) --
Hawkes glassware, banded with gold insures frequent turnovers (Bib 139622) --
Hawkes crystal glass (Bib 96286, 2 c.) --
Hawkes crystal mixing bottles for French dressing (Bib 139623) --
Hawkes crystal flower basket (Bib 139624) --
Turning over a new leaf (Bib 139625) --
Hawkes famous French dressing mixing bottles (139626) --
Something entirely new! Hawkes "Swizzler" (Bib 139628) --
Hawkes crystal glass (today's exquisite crystal by "Hawkes" (Bib 139629) --
A message to the ultimate owner of Hawkes celebrated crystal (Bib 139630) --
What is rock crystal (Bib 139631) --
1880-1925 (Bib 139632) --
Why do you not make every effort to move some of your old stock (Bib 139634) --
Hawkes crystal: the new Killarney table service (Bib 139635) --
For the table of the fashionable hostess" (Bib 95334) --
Hawkes present-day reproductions of old Waterford cut crystal [brochure and original printer's lay out] (Bib 139627).
Additional materials: --
2 versions of a 1929 reprint by Samuel Hawkes, from Printers Ink --
6 advertisements that appeared in Good Housekeeping Magazine.