Crystal 2011.

Måleras glasbruk, Målerås, Sweden.
Målerås, Sweden : Mats Jonasson, [2011]
70 p. : col. ill. ; 27 cm.
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Mats Jonasson Målerås.
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One of two catalogs in a folder received from Mats Jonasson Målerås.
In English and Swedish.
Includes painted and engraved glass sculptures of wildlife and flowers, masks, wall sculptures, figurines, decanters, stemware, tumblers, vases, plates, bowls, Christmas holiday items.
Trade catalog.
Cover title.
"Mats Jonasson Målerås"--Company name as printed on catalog.
"Mats Jonasson is a master of detail and, for more than 30 years, he has stamped his mark on the glassworks in Målerås, where the company name, "Mats Jonasson Målerås", stands for brilliant creativity.