[Cut glass catalog].

Krantz, Smith & Co., Inc., Honesdale, PA, USA.
[Honesdale, Pa. : Krantz, Smith & Co., Inc., n.d., ca. 1904-1915]
[20] leaves : ill. ; 29 x 38 cm.
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Several pages stamped "F. B. Tinker, 806 Heyworth Building, Chicago". Tinker was a representative for several cut glass companies. See library holdings for other catalog(s) in CMGL which bear Tinker's name.
Partial catalog, which includes rich cut ware. One page appeared in a 1900 catalog; others were part of a 1904 catalog, of which CMGL has an ACGA reprint (TP868.K89r).
Listing of pages in this catalog, with their corresponding page in the reprint: Page [2]: p. 57; [4]: p.58; [5]: p. 42; [6]: p. 47; [7] : p. 48; [8]: p. 45; [9] : p. 46; [10] : p. 44; page 14 appeared as plate 1 in the 1900 catalog.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in July 2010.
Includes cut glass jugs, pitchers, vases, rose bowls, plates, nappies, bowls, marmalades, hair receivers, baskets, bells, jewel boxes, puff boxes, tumble ups, flower cetners, comports, electric lamp, flower pots, footed bowls, footed horn vase, punch bowls, punch cups, ladles, cavaire sets, bottles, candlesticks, colognes, tumblers, ice tubs, hat pin holders, footed salts, and much more.
Trade catalog.
Patterns are named.
Manufacturer identified by patterns of glassware.
Items have handwritten prices, which are higher than in the 1904 catalog, which has printed prices. Most likely from the brilliant period, ca. 1905-1915.