Dynamic aspects of structural change in liquids and glasses / edited by C. Austen Angell and Martin Goldstein.

Dynamic aspects of structural change in liquids and glasses / edited by C. Austen Angell and Martin Goldstein.
New York, N.Y. : New York Academy of Sciences, 1986.
ix, 333 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Angell, C. Austen, 1933- ed.
Goldstein, Martin, 1919 Nov. 18- ed.
New York Academy of Sciences.
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QC176.8.A44.D99 1986
Results of a conference held in New York, N.Y. on December 1-3, 1985, by the New York Academy of Sciences.
Includes bibliographies and index.
Preface / C. Austen Angell and Martin Goldstein --
Tiling, prime numbers, and the glass transition / Frank H. Stillinger and Thomas A. Weber --
Slipping into the glassy state via the crystalline solid state / W. L. Johnson --
Nucleation of crystals from the melt / David W. Oxtoby --
Micromechanisms and kinetics of crystallization below the glass transition temperature / Uwe Köster --
How disordered can a crystallized glass be? / A. F. Wright, A. N. Fitch, and B. E. F. Fender --
How ordered can a glass be? / P. H. Gaskell --
Pressure melting below the glass transition: a new way of making amorphous solids / Edward Whalley, Osamu Mishima, Y. Paul Handa, and D. D. Klug --
Molecular dynamics computer simulations of the supercooled Lennard-Jones liquid / Marcia H. Grabow and Hans C. Andersen --
Specific heat and ultrasonics as dynamic probes of the glass transition / Norman O. Birge, Yoon H. Jeong, and Sidney R. Nagel --
Parallels and contrasts between glass and spin glass / R. G. Palmer --
Sequential freezing of quadrupolar and dipolar order in (KBr)1̳₋x̳ (KCN)x̳ glasses / A. Loidl and K. Knorr --
Glassy crystals: low-frequency and low-temperature properties / James P. Sethna --
Three coupled relations for relaxations in complex systems / K. L. Ngai, R. W. Rendell, A. K. Rajagopal, and S. Teitler --
Linear and nonlinear experiments for spin model with cooperative dynamics / Glenn H. Fredrickson --
Elastic properties of network glasses / M. F. Thorpe --
Hard spheres and instabilities / Robin J. Speedy --
Glass transitions in hard-sphere and Lennard-Jones systems / U. Bengtzelius and A. Sjölander --
The Kauzmann Paradox, metastable liquids, and ideal glasses: a summary / C. A. Angell, D. R. MacFarlane, and M. Oguni --
Thermodynamic aspects of glassy crystals: approaching the equilibrium glass / H. Suga --
Icosahedral order in glassy metals / David R. Nelson --
Realistic theories of the origin and molecular structure of glass / J. C. Phillips --
Panel discussion --
The glass transition in the hard-sphere fluid / Moorad Alexanian and Subir K. Bose --
Barrier distributions and defect migration in glasses / John T. Bendler and Michael F. Shlesinger --
Behavior of supercooled and liquid phase LiCl·nH₂O: thermal and structural aspects / A. Elarby-Aouizerat ... [et al.] --
Vogel-Fulcher time scale for glass freezing: a new derivation on the principle of optimal network kinetics / Ulf Larsen --
Anelastic and plastic response of polymers / D. G. LeGrand, W. V. Olszewski, and J. T. Bendler --
Structural relaxation behavior of iron-based metallic glasses upon annealing / I. Majewska-Glabus --
Nonexponential relaxation of viscous supercooled liquids / M. Cristina Marchetti --
Density wave theory of the liquid-solid interface / U. Mohanty and G. Jones --
Energetics and variations in structure in framework aluminosilicate glasses, melts, and crystals / Alexandra Navrotsky --
Empirical requirements on models of relaxation / A. K. Rajagopal ... [et al.] --
Pressure variation of the glass transition temperature in atactic polystyrene / J. R. Stevens, R. W. Croakley, K. W. Chau, and J. L. Hunt --
Existence of "critical" frequencies in the dielectric loss properties of glasses / U. Strom --
Glass transition kinetics in polystyrene using the pressure-jump volume relaxation method / J. J. Tribone, J. M. O'Reilly, and J. Greener.
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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 0077-8923 ; v. 484