Early American L. G. Wright master catalog [photocopy].

Early American L. G. Wright master catalog [photocopy].
L.G. Wright Glass Company, New Martinsville, WV, USA.
[New Martinsville, W. Va. : the company, 1973?]
80 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
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Master catalog
For fiche, use that of the original catalog (F-9164T).
CMGL owns an original catalog.
CMGL copy lacks p. 5; p. 6-9 are bound in reverse order.
Photocopy. [Iowa City : FJS Publishing Co.?, n.d.,1994?] Spiral bound; 1 p. copied per leaf. Includes copies of 3 supplemental pages (Early American; Carnival/Purple slag; Amethyst overlay).
Includes lamps, glass novelties and reproductions.
Includes novelties, reproductions.
Trade catalog photocopy.
Title page is reprint of original cover bearing "Early American L. G. Wright" in a stained glass logo above "Master Catalog".