Fine china, rich cut glass, catalogue no. 14.

Fine china, rich cut glass, catalogue no. 14.
Higgins & Seiter, New York, NY, USA.
New York : Higgins & Seiter, [1903-1904]
165 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 14 x 22 cm.
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F-9732C. Filmed from borrowed source; CMGL now owns a copy lacking covers and p. 1-6, 45 (or 46)-48.
May lack internal title page. Lacks p. 45 (or 46)-48; includes p. 60A, B.
CMGL also has a LABAC reprint of the cut glass section only, 1-37, 118, 121-123, 161-165 (TP868 .B85p).
As a result of extensive research by James Havens, Higgins & Seiter catalogs in the collection of the CMGL have been redated.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in August 2010.
Includes Baccarat and Bohemian glassware.
Includes tableware, bell, bottles, candlesticks, vases, etc.
Cover title.
Trade catalog.
Rich cut glass: p. 10-37, 121-123. Gilded glassware: 8-41, 51; etched or engraved p. 42-44; lamps: p. 139.