Genuine handmade Cambridge.

Genuine handmade Cambridge.
Cambridge Glass Company, Cambridge, OH, USA.
Cambridge, Ohio : Cambridge Glass Company, [n.d., 1945-1949]
44 p. (looseleaf) : entirely ill. ; 29 cm.
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F-8955T, filmed from borrowed source. CMGL now owns 2 c. of the original catalog.
At time of filming the date estimated to be in the range 1945-1949; since the pages were later reprinted in a 1949-1953 collection, the original dating may be incorrect.
Includes figurines.
Cover title.
Trade catalog.
Title from trademark label on cover.
Probably missing the title page, which would presumably have been "Fine handmade table glassware".
All pages of this catalog were reprinted (as pages 1-44) in the collection of catalogs published by Collector Books, 1978. NB: Pages 37-38 are named "Coronet" here and "Corinth" in the reprint. Also, the reprint has additional pages inserted in the regularly numbered page order.