Glass and optical materials I : fracture and strength, glass structure and processing, modeling and computer simulation / edited by Edward N. Boulos and Dennis R. Platts.

Glass and optical materials I : fracture and strength, glass structure and processing, modeling and computer simulation / edited by Edward N. Boulos and Dennis R. Platts.
Westerville, Ohio : American Ceramic Society ; Amsterdam, The Netherlands : Elsevier Science, c1994.
xi, 442 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
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Boulos, Edward N. (Edward Nashed), 1941-
Platts, Dennis R.
Conference Name: 
International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties (1st : 1993 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
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TA450.G53 v.1
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"Reprinted from the Journal of non-crystalline solids, vol. 177."
"Held in conjunction with the First International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties (PMP'93) by the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) and the Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ)"--Pref.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Section 1. Fracture and strength of glass and ceramic materials --
Photoluminescence imaging of mechanically produced defects in MgO / J.T. Dickinson... [et al.] --
Changes in air-exposed fracture surfaces of silicate glasses observed by atomic force microscopy / Y. Watanabe... [et al.] --
Fracture process zone associated with mixed mode fracture of SiCw/Al₂O₃ / C.-T. Yu and A.S. Kobayashi --
A numerical analysis of crack propagation in microcracking ceramic and ceramic composites / S.B. Biner --
R-curve behavior of indentation cracks in silicon nitride based ceramic composite / J.H. Gong, Z.D. Guan and J.J. Wu --
Observations of inelastic deformation during high-temperature fatigue and failure of a polycrystalline silicon nitride / M.G. Jenkins... [et al.] --
The fracture behavior of single-crystal Y₃Al₅O₁₂ / I.E. Reimanis, J.J. Petrovic and T.E. Mitchell --
Section 2. Glass structure and modeling --
Light scattering studies of glasses in the glass transition region / N.A. Bokov --
X-ray diffraction studies of multicomponent oxide glasses / A. Musinu and G.Piccaluga --
Re-examination of detailed structure of alkali silicate glasses based on two types of diffraction data / I. Yasui, Y. Akasaka and H. Inoue --
Short range order of metaphosphate glasses by X-ray diffraction / A. Musinu... [et al.] --
Simulation studies of silicates and phosphates / B. Vessal --
Structures of RF₂-AlPO₄ glasses revealed by diffraction and MD calculations / K. Shoji and I. Yasui --
Computer simulation on the structure and vibrational spectra in Ge-Pb-O-F glass / T. Nanba... [et al.] --
A reverse Monte Carlo study of SiO₂ and B₂O₃ glasses / M. Bionducchi... [et al.] --
An XAFS study of the poly-carbosilane conversion to Six̳C₁₋x̳ / N. Umesaki... [et al.] --
Raman spectra of TeO₂-based glasses and glassy liquids: local structure change with temperature in relation to fragility of liquid / M. Tatsumisago... [et al.] --
Coordination change of Te atoms in binary tellurite glasses / Y. Himei... [et al.] --
IR and EXAFS analysis of xBi₂O₃ ·(1-x)GeO₂ glasses / R. Capelletti... [et al.] --
An EXAFS study of the local structure around Zr atoms in Y₂O₃-stabilized ZrO₂ by the sol-gel method / G. Antonioli... [et al.] --
Soft X-ray XAFS: local structure of mullite gels prepared from modified aluminium alkoxides / N. Kamijo... [et al.] --
IR transmission method applied to the crystallization of gallate glasses and the mechanism of crystallization caused by Ar⁺ laser and ⁶⁰Co γ-ray irradiation / T. Nishida, S. Kubuki and Y Takashima --
A molecular dynamics and neutron diffraction study of the structure of Na₂O-B₂O₃ melts / N. Umesaki... [et al.] --
Prosphorus oxynitride glasses of variable sodium content / M.R. Reidmeyer, D.E. Day and R.K. Brow --
Viscous flow mechanism of oxyfluoride glasses related to glass structure / K. Matusita... [et al.] --
The short-range structure of sodium ultraphosphate glasses / R.K. Brow... [et al.] --
Mathematical model representing structure-property relationships of glass / J.J.L. Yi --
Preparation and properties of superionic conducting glasses containing lithium halide / M. Horiuchi, T. Sei and T. Tsuchiya --
Densities, glass transition temperatures, and structural models resulting from extremely modified caesium and rubidium borate glasses / M. Royle... [et al.] --
The thermodynamic properties of oxide glasses and glass-forming liquids and their chemical structure / B.A. Shakhmatkin... [et al.] --
Advances in the Mössbauer effect for the structural study of glasses / T. Nishida --
²⁹Si MAS-NMR study of the short range order in alkali borosilicate glasses / J.M. MacKenzie... [et al.] --
Heavy metal fluoride glasses studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy. I. Comparison of 53ZrF₄ · (40-x)BaF₂ · 4LaF₃ · 3AlF₃ · xLiF and 53ZrF₄ · 20BaF₂ · 4LaF₃ · 3AlF₃ · (20-x)CsF · x LiF / A.J. Hill... [et al.] --
Electronic states of modifier ions in silicate glasses / Y. Kowada... [et al.] --
Atomic structure and dynamics of fast-ion conducting glasses / D.L. Price and A.J.G. Ellison --
Boroxol groups in vitreous boron oxide: new evidence from neutron diffraction and inelastic neutron scattering studies / A.C. Hannon... [et al.] --
Points of contact between theory and experiment: a comparison of molecular dynamics and neutron diffraction results / Y. Cao... [et al.] --
Section 3. Glass processing and manufacturing --
The development and successful application of 100% oxygen-oil combustion for glass melters / J.T. Brown... [et al.] --
Electrochemical study of As³⁺ / As⁵⁺ equilibrium in a barium borosilicate glass melt / T. Hayashi and W.G. Dorfeld --
Compositional dependence of redox equilibria in sodium silicate glasses / H.D.S.B.K. Kochanowski... [et al.] --
Review of three-dimensional mathematical modeling of glass melting / R. Viskanta --
An integrated mathematical model of float process / T. Kamihori... [et al.] --
Origin of Na₂SO₄ blisters in sheet glass / C. Sakai... [et al.] --
Diffusion of water in float glass melts / P.B. McGinnis and J.E. Shelby --
Sothern California's latest approach to air emission reductions for glass furnaces / C.P. Ross --
Polishing to reveal micro-defects on glass / T. Kasai... [et al.] --
High-performance glass for the deep ultraviolet range / D. Ehrt... [et al.] --
Development of glass fiber with high dielectric constant / J. Naka... [et al.] --
Low-temperature deformation of fluoride and oxide glass fibers below their glass transition temperatures / M. Koide... [et al.] --
A partial conversion of a gas-air fired television furnace to oxy-fuel combustion / A. McMahon and M. Ding.