[Interviews of Frederick Carder, et al] [sound recording] / with John Hotchkiss.

[Interviews of Frederick Carder, et al] [sound recording] / with John Hotchkiss.
Hotchkiss, John.
[S.l. : John Hotchkiss], 1961-1966.
13 sound cassettes : analog, 3 7/8 x 2 1/2 in.
13 sound tape reels : analog
Other Authors: 
Carder, Frederick.
Hilbert, Otto.
Leavy, Robert.
Hotchkiss, John F.
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Interviews of Frederick Carder, et al with John Hotchkiss.
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CD Digitized Preservation Copy
Interviews of Carder and others related to Steuben glass, as well as interviews of Floyd Manwarren, Wilmot Putnam, Arthur Fermer, Otto Hilbert, Robert Rockwell, [Orlando?] Dunn, Fred Oliver, Robert Leavy, etc. Includes information on Hawkes glass and Corning area glassmakers by author and Steuben collector John Hotchkiss.
Frederick Carder ; Floyd Manwarren ; Wilmot Putnam ; Arthur Fermer ; Otto Hilbert ; Robert Rockwell ; [Orlando?] Dunn ; Fred Oliver ; Robery Leavy ;John Hotchkiss.
Recorded between March 23, 1961 and Jan. 23, 1966, primarily in Corning, NY.
Audio cassettes.
Sound tape reel.
Digitized by Sax Communications, December 2010.
digitized 20130630 CMoG Digital file re-created from digitized DVD made by Sax Communications.
Tapes 1-9 are 15--17 minutes per side; tape 10: side A, 20 min.; side B: 42 min.; tape 11: Side A: 13 min. side B blank; tape 12: side A: 20 min.; side B: blank; Tape 13: sides A and B: 22 minutes each.
AV Multimedia cabinet, Drawer 6.
Originally received as reel-to-reel tapes in 1988, which were converted to audiocassettes in the 1980s.
Handwritten notes of tape contents, made by Jane Spillman, are available from the Audivisual Office files: Tapes: John Hotchkiss.
Event Notes: 
Recorded between March 23, 1961 and Jan. 23, 1966, primarily in Corning, NY.
Tape 1: Inteview of Carder, 9/23/61 and 3/23/61 [later date on cassette; may be incorrect] --
Tape 2: Interview with F. Carder, March 24, 1962 --
Tape 3: Notes of Hotchkiss' talks in Corning with Penrose Hawkes and about imported and pressed blanks (Nov. 10, 1962)
Tape 4 side A: Trip to Corning, purchases at Blakes', notes on Manwarren and the Glass Center; side B: interview of Carder, cut glass policeman's billy, Hawkes' closing; Manwarren working alone; Hunt Glass (December 27, 1962) --
Tape 5, side A: Second trip to Corning and completion of Carder interview; side B: Start of notes on Rockwell collection (December 28, 1862) --
Tape 6: Continuation of tape 5; also: interview with Wilmot Putnam, copper wheel engraver, at the age of 81 (March 9, 1963)
Tape 7, side A: Notes pertaining to Hawkes' closing; side B: Carder's first interest in glass; Carder's friendship with John Northwood (April -May 31, 1963) --
Tape 8, Side A: Continuation of tape 7, with notes on cameo carving; Immortality of Art; Pegasus Vase; Side B: Rockwell collection (May 31, 1963) --
Tape 9: Corning trip; side B: Talk with Carder, Manwarren, Rockwell on Steuben (August 31, 1963)
Tape 10, side A: Alfred A. Perry, Steuben employee 1907(?)-1918; Side B: Interviews of Arthur Fermer, Columbus Casket; Hawkes (March 19, 27, 28, 1964) --
Tape 11: Hotchkiss' trip to Ireland --
Tape 12: Interview and notes on photos of Otto Hilbert's collection; side B: Carder's pricing; making 5 vases to get 2 good vases --
Tape 13: Interview with Robert Leavy, former Steuben comptroller regarding Steuben in 1918; the smashing incident, numbering; Side B: original sketchbooks and salesman photo books; itnerview with Mrs. Edwin M. Guyer (Jan. 23, 1966)