Invasion series #118 [slide].

Invasion series #118 [slide].
Kallenberger, Kreg, 1950-
[Tulsa, Okla.], 1982.
glass ; 16.5 cm. x 5 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
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Buechner, Thomas S. juror
Greenberg, Clement, 1909- juror
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Invasion series no. 118
Invasion series number 118
Artist's title It's hard to be green
Master slide condition: Scattered residue and scattered scratches.
Slide 1 condition: Good, no marks.
Slide 2 condition: Slight color shift and scattered scratches.
Slide 3 condition: Good, no marks.
Copies in drawer: 3
Published in: New Glass Review 4, p. 13, no. 36.
Slide is property of The Corning Museum of Glass. Copyright for image held by artist. CMoG has a license to "reproduce and sell on the Museum's behalf, and without compensation to the artist, slides, postcard, microfiche, or photographs of my objects selected for New Glass Review 4." Rights and Reproductions Manager.
Object in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, 82.4.21 acquired by the Museum in 1982.
Description in New Glass Review: Blown, cut, lampworked, applied rods.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Chrome green, opal, yellow and white tinted soda lime and phosphate opal glass (from batch); blown, annealed (250 hours to room temperature), cut, ground, polished (by hand); epoxied. Irregular truncated oval shape; inner band of white surrounds hollow caused by blowing; a series of five deep cuts of increasing depth top to bottom on side below the hollow; two tubular canes epoxied into cut groove on side above the hollow; one broad flat surface smooth polished, the other, parallel side, smooth polished with raised L-shape ridge; rounded bottom with oval flat polished base; signed on base "K. Kallen/#118".
Technique: Blown, cut and lampworking.
Type: Sculpture.
Image orientation: landscape.
New Glass Review 4 ; entry no. 473.3
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 4 no. 36
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Image of CMoG object: 82.4.21