Katharine Lamb Tait archive.

Katharine Lamb Tait archive.
Tait, Katharine Lamb, 1895-1981.
21 boxes.
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Range 24, Bay 3, Shelf 7, Katharine Lamb Tait collection
The archive includes reference files under the titles of stained glass, woodcuts, mosaics, Greek, calligraphy, and religious paintings. There are sketches, articles, clippings, drawings, postcards, photos, plates of stained glass windows and mosaics. The archive includes books used by Katharine, a video cassette of a special 200th anniversary service at The First Presbyterian Church of Watertown, NY, where Katharine designed the mosaic cross in the chancel. There is a binder of information entitled: 'How to: Paint & Oil Composition Details'; Katharine's Beekeepers' Record Book, 1951-61; her business and membership cards; biographical information; and a summary of J.& R. Lamb Studios. There is information on churches Katharine designed for that include notes, sketches, clippings and letters. There are carbon copies of her commission billings to J. & R. Lamb Studios, 1956-1979; worksheet records of her commissions, 1958-1978; and 2 ledger books with records of her commission, 1923-1978. In addition to this, the archive contains Katharine's field sketching bag with coloring pencils and brushes Katharine used, 3 cartoons for stained glass window commissions and her diplomas and certificates.
Archival donations from the four children of Katharine Lamb Tait. Barrie Tait Collins (Bethany, CT), Robin T. Tait (Paris, France), Colin C. Tait (Norfolk, CT), and Kevin S. Tait (Lexington MA), 2009.
Collection of 7 peasant blouses added to the archive from Barrie Tait Collins, daughter. The seven elaborately embroidered "peasant" blouses were acquired between 1920-1950 by Katherine Lamb Tait. Some may have been purchased for her by her husband Trevor S. Tait. Most are from Central European countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Possibly one was purchased from Greenwich Village.
2007 addition of materials from Barrie Tait Collins: collection of books on stained glass inscribed to KLT; field guides to birds, wildflowers, and trees; condolence letters to KLT's family on her death; travel account by KLT about her art trip with friend Beulah Pack and brother Condie Lamb to Europe, Jan.-May 1924; travel records Sept.-Oct. 1970, Oct. 1973, April-May 1974; brochure on reinstallation of Ella Condie Lamb (KLT's mother) stained glass window at Wells college, Aurora, NY; KLT obituaries; Sunday Daily News color cover of one of KLT's stained glass windows at the U.S. Marine Corps' national Protestant chapel at Camp Lejeune; description of KLT stained glass panel in American Bible Society exhibit, NYC, 2003 (on loan from Corning Museum of Glass); black and white copy of self-portrait by Ella Condie Lamb; Clothing labels of Katharine and Trevor S. Tait; 2 photographs of ECL's summer studio at Lamb's Lane, Cresskill, NJ (c. 1915-1920); jacket patches for NJ Audubon Society (designed by KLT); Adirondack Mt. Club, NY-NJ Chapter, and the Appalachian Trail Conference, NY-NJ Chapter.
2012 addition of materials from Barrie Tait Collins includes: Miscellaneous papers relating to Katherine Lamb Tait, her life and career -- Collection of documents relating to St. Giles the Abbott Church, Farnborough, Kent, England, 1977 -- Bird Guide: Land Birds East of the Rockies from Parrots to Bluebirds / by Chester A. Reed, 1916 -- 6 sketches for stained glass windows at the Church of the Advent, Kenmore, NY -- 1 sketch for a stained glass window at the Ogden Memorial Trinity Church, Chatham, NJ -- 1 sketch of a non-commissioned work (noted as possibly for a mosaic by Barrie Tait Collins).
Katharine Lamb Tait, artist and designer in stained glass, mosaics and watercolor was born in Alpine, NJ, June 3, 1895 and died in Cresskill, NJ, Aug 11, 1981. She was a designer of stained glass windows and mosaics for J. & R. Lamb Studios (oldest stained glass studios in U.S.; founded by her grandfather, 1857, NYC). Katharine was head designer at the studio for over 40 years.