[Loose-leaf notebook of notes and recipes].

[Loose-leaf notebook of notes and recipes].
Carder, Frederick.
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Range 7, Bay 5, Shelf 8, Frederick Carder notebook collection Box 1, Loose-leaf notebook of notes and recipes
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This item is in the Frederick Carder notebook collection.
Notebook includes A-Z tabs, although recipes within each letter section are not in alphabetical order. There are only blank pages under F, H, I, J, K, Mc, Q, V, X, Z.
Notes and glass recipes.
First page dated Nov. 1919 "Make trials with powdered glasses mixed with flux to imitate moss agate & seaweed effects." Entries include dates from 1883-1924 (earlier dated entries transcribed from other sources at a later date). Notes on color effects, pâte de verre, decorated vases, glass tiles, and other misc. notes inserted before the A tab.
This notebook contains notes on the following: new color effects, Dec 1920, Pate d' Verre, decorated vases, Dec 1920, glass tiles, Jan 1921, domes or shades, moulds, and stencil's. Also includes formulas under the following headings: alabaster, amber carbon + s, actinic glass, bulb glass, calcite, daylight glass, etching paste, frosting bath, glass for spectacles, noviol, opal, orange color, orange amber, Pyrex, ruby glass, rose tinted glass, topaz amber, ultra violet glass, zinc glasses, wax-coating for glass, window glass and "Bristol yellow-1924, as made for Hawkes." There are also two tables of figures on trials.
Additional notes include Carder's observations from his travels. For example, in July 1920 he writes: "When in Paris saw bowls and vases made in somewhat the same idea by Scheider..." In November 1921 he writes: "After visiting Chicago & New York, saw that other factories as well as Europe were flooding the market with colored glass after our styles, decided to make new departure with flint and colored decorations such as blue, green, amethyst, rose and other colors..."
Loose slips and additional loose pages have been placed in a separate folder labeled "Items in loose-leaf notebook 1919-1933".
Fragile materials. Use the digital or microform copies of the notebooks.
Frederick Carder notebook collection
Notebook and loose pages digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in August 2010.