[Loose leaf pocket memo book: Frederick Carder, 1926].

[Loose leaf pocket memo book: Frederick Carder, 1926].
Carder, Frederick.
1 v. ; 18 x 11 cm.
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Frederick Carder, 1926
Deluxe Lefax 6-ring memo book, no. 08, but does not have Lefax printed on the cover as others do. Rubber band marks in the shape of a cross on the front cover.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in August 2010.
Fragile materials. Use the digital or microform copies of the notebooks.
One of the Notebooks of Frederick Carder.
First page is a key associating numbers from 1 to 96 with various compounds. Other pages are recipes for different glasses.
Includes recipes for blue bulbs, dark turquoise blue, azulite, alabaster, amber for flint, amber dark red, aurene, blue aurene, brown for flint, flemish blue for flint, blue lunar white, black, celeste blue, cintra black, cintra celeste blue, hard French blue, French blue, calcite, celeste blue, flint, hard flint, green medium, antique green, light green, pomona green, green, green aurene, jade green, noviweld, noviol, marina, opaline, aurene, purple royal, Pyrex, Pyrex white, optical, ruby, cinnamon for flint, red, hard amethyst ruby, torquoise [sic] blue for flint, topaz, white for flint, white opal for bulbs, citron yellow, yellow alabaster, carbon yellow and yellow or orange. End of this notebook contains an index for flint glasses and aurene glasses.
Loose slips and additional loose pages have been placed in a separate folder labeled "Items in loose-leaf pocket memo book: Frederick Carder 1926".