[Manuscript of Mappae clavicula]

[Manuscript of Mappae clavicula]
[Flanders? : s.n., 12th century]
67 leaves, bound : vellum ; 18 cm.
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Mappa clavicula
CMGL copy has several pencil notations on preliminary leaves, and a partial stamp of a rearing lion over Sir T.P. C[ink blot and blank spaces]lotte Hill, 3715. Some leaves have holes that were in the vellum before the text was written. Flooded in 1972; dried and rebound by Carolyn Horton.
CMGL has a transcription published in 1847 (ND1510 .M29 1847 *).
Image of an unidentified page Displayed in the exhibition titled "The Science of Glassmaking : 8 Centuries of a Magical Art", held at the Rakow Research Library, June 27, 2008-January 4, 2009.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in September 2009.
Owned by Jacques-Antoine Rabaut-Pomier (1744-1820) and Sir Thomas Phillipps. Purchased in 1951 from W.H. Robinson Ltd.
Rubrications in red and green, with text in sepia. Leaves 16-17 stamped Js. Ae. Rabaut Pr.
Hand-copied on vellum by monks in northern Europe about 1150 A.D. from earlier 7th century sources.
"3715 Mss. Phillipps"--Pencil notation on verso of 1st prelim. leaf.
"Mappa clavicula, i.e. the little key of drawing or painting"--Pencil notation on 2nd prelim. leaf.
Recipes/instructions for various processes, including distilling alcohol, making candy, creating military devices, making colored glass, gilding and painting or staining on glass.
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P. 8 published in From art to science, by Cyril Stanley Smith: 21498, p. 92, 98 (fig. VI.1).