[Miscellaneous letters to Frederick Carder].

[Miscellaneous letters to Frederick Carder].
4 letters ; 21-27 cm.
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Carder, Frederick.
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Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in August 2010.
Fragile materials. Use the digital or microform copies of the notebooks.
These items are filed with the Notebooks of Frederick Carder.
Letter dated May 19, 1920 from the War Department that originally accompanied a corrected certificate from General Pershing. Letter corrects the death date of Cyril Carder --
Letter dated July 2, 1920 with a ticket to a banquet held July 3 in celebration of Independence Day, from the American Chamber of Commerce in France --
Letter in French dated November 30, 1920 concerning the manufacture of Pyrex in France and includes an order for 100 cases of Pyrex (accompanied by a translation) --
Letter in French dated January 4, 1921 expressing good wishes for the New Year (accompanied by a translation).