[Octroi de la cens de Munsthal].

[Octroi de la cens de Munsthal].
3 p. : ill. ; 27 x 21 cm.
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The photocopy was given to CMGL in 1956 by the president of Cristalleries de Saint Louis; president's notations written in ink on verso of p. [1].
Each page, along left edge, has strip of rectangular-shaped holes affixed with tape.
Photocopy of original decree, dated February 17, 1767, granting Rene Francois Jolly ownership of a parcel of land and the right to construct a "royal glassworks" in the valley of Muntzthal, France, during the reign of King Louis XV; the original glassworks had been established in 1586. On March 4, 1767, additional documents confirmed the decree. With the permission to become the royal glassworks, "Saint Louis" was added to the name. The company became the first in continental Europe to produce lead crystal in 1781 and thus received the addition "Cristallerie".
"17: Mars 1767" -- upper left corner of p. [1].
Stamp dated "25 Avril 1828" -- upper left corner of p. [1].