Charles G. Tuthill Glass Company, Middletown, NY, USA.
[Middletown, N.Y. : Charles G. Tuthill Glass Company, 1902-1923]
[24] leaves : original photos ; 18 x 27 cm.
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Album and photographs are in fragile condition.
A typewritten index was received with this photo album. Previous owner lists item number with corresponding page number. An attempt was made to arrange the album according to page number on this index. However, several pattern numbers are not listed, and some item numbers and page numbers do not correspond.
Received from the American Cut Glass Association.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in July 2010.
Includes tumblers, bowls, vases, nappies, sugars and creamers, bowls.
Cover title.
Trade catalog.
Strictly a photo album, presumably from the Tuthill Glass Company. No company name, or date is indicated anywhere within the album. Previous owner attributed to Tuthill Glass Company, who was in business from 1902-1923.
Black and white original photographs, in an unbound photo album, includes [24] unnumbered leaves, each with space for 2 photographs on each side. Some spaces are empty.
Most photos are identified by pattern number; two indicate pattern names "Bar Harbor" and "Columbian".