[Photographs of ware, comprising a catalog of glassware production. Volume 1].

[Photographs of ware, comprising a catalog of glassware production. Volume 1].
René Lalique et cie, Paris, France manufacturer.
138 unnumbered photos ; mostly 16-18 cm
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Trade Catalogs
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Lalique, René, et cie
Microform / Trade Catalogs
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Tableware: Lalique, Rene & Cie, Paris, France (F-3354T)
Individual photograph size varies.
Volume 1 of 5. Photographs have been assembled by type of glassware, without regard to date.
Most photos bear owner's stamp and handwritten description or name on verso. Many are dated; some have prices.
Clearwater T0798.
Volume 1 includes vases, botanical motifs, bird, fish, mammal, insect, crustacean and amphibian motifs.
See also: Volume 2, Vases: human and mythological motifs (24 photos); geometric motifs (29 photos); table lamps, ceiling shades, wall sconces, chandeliers (60 photos); candleholders (19 photos) (Bib 55242) --
Volume 3, Pendants, beads and brooches (8 photos); picture frames and knife rests (11 photos); jardineres, statuettes, plaques, seals, paperweights (29 photos); luminors, clocks, hor d'oeuvre trays, desk accessories (inkwells, penholders, hand blotters) (33 photos); covered boxes, covered dishes, cigarette boxes, trays (19 photos); Menu holders, cups, cruet sets (8 photos) (Bib 55243) --
Volume 4, Puff boxes (53 photos); bowls, berry bowl sets (71 photos); plates, luncheon and dinner (33 photos); mirrors and ash trays (24 photos) (Bib 55244) --
Volume 5, Carafes and sets (81 photos); cocktail pitchers and sets, stemware (45 photos); perfume atomisers and colognes (23 photos) (Bib 55245)
Volume 1