[Plates from the Römisch Müsterbuch].

[Plates from the Römisch Müsterbuch].
Josef Franz Römisch (Firm), Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia.
[Steinschönau : the company, 1832]
1 v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
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Römisch, Josef Franz, 1788- Müsterbuch.
Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze.
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For some plates not found here, see TP868.R71 1832x.
CMGL has printouts of plates from the microfilm cataloged as TP868.R71 1832a.
CMGL also has color slides of the plates.
Trade catalog.
Includes additional plates not part of the Lit. series.
Microfilm purchased from the Uměleckoprůmyslové Muzeum v Praze.
Lit. A Taf. I-VIII, XI, XIV, XVI --
Lit. B Taf. I-III, V-VI --
Lit. C Taf. I-II, VI, X --
Lit. D Taf. I-II, IV-VII, XIII-XIV --
Lit. E Taf. I-IV, XII [ie VII?], VIII, X-XI --
Lit. F Taf. I-II --
Lit. H Taf. 1 --
Lit. K Taf. I, III --
Lit. M. Taf. I --
Lit. N Taf. I-II --
Lit. O Taf. II-IV, VI-VII --
Lit. P Taf. I --
Lit. Q Taf. I, IV, VI, VIII --
Lit. R Taf. I --
Lit. S Taf. II-IV --
Lit. T Taf. I-II --
Lit. U Taf. II, IV-VI --
[Lit. V Taf. 1]-III, VI --
Lit. W Taf. II, IV-VI --
Lit. X Taf. I-III --
Lit. Y Taf. II --
Lit. Z Taf. II