Priskurant öfver Kosta Glasbruks tillverkningar.

Priskurant öfver Kosta Glasbruks tillverkningar.
Kosta glasbruk, Kosta, Sweden.
[Kosta : s.n. ], 1882.
[16] p. : ill. ; 21 x 26 cm.
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F-6004T. Filmed copy borrowed for filming. CMGL now owns photocopies.
Printed 1882 has been altered in ink to 1885. Street address also altered.
Library now has two unmarked 1985 photocopies, bound, one of the very same original copy used for F-6004T, dated 1882. Library's second photocopy is from a different original with date of 1885. Comparison shows little change.
Clearwater, T0773
Trade catalog photocopy.
Includes drinking vessels, carafes, compotes, pressed plates, jugs, pitchers, candlesticks, salts, lamp chimneys and reservoirs, fish bowls, perfume bottles, breast shields, ink wells, etc.
Filmed catalog is fragile, p. [11-12] mutilated.