Salesman's orders 1931.

T.G. Hawkes & Co., Corning, NY, USA.
Corning, N.Y. : T.G. Hawkes & Co., 1931.
1 v. (various paging, [ca. 133] p.) ; 32 cm.
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Trade catalog.
Not really a trade catalog, but an internal factory record. Grey clothbound ledger with leather corners. Slightly flooded with some running of ink.
Handwritten record of orders of various salesmen for 1930. Index on "ABC" page at beginning. All are from Jan.-Dec. unless otherwise noted. Pages between salesman entries are blank and have not been filmed.
There are columns for date, name of customer and city, and dollar amounts of road and mail sales. There is no indication of the kind of pattern of ware sold.
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W. E. Babcock: pp. 1-15 --
F. L. Bach: pp. 27-40 --
A. H. Clinger: pp. 49-62 --
R. E. McCormick: pp. 71-83 --
E. R. Williams: pp. 93-125 --
New York Office: pp. 137-169 --
W. F. Lee: Jan.-Feb., pp. 187 --
Bush Terminal Sales: pp. 191-193 --
Washington-Wakefield: p. 197 --
Edson Adams Co.: Jan.-Apr., pp. 201-202 --
L.V. Webber: Apr.-June, pp. 215-217.