Snell-Tonda interior [picture].

Snell-Tonda interior [picture].
Lalique, René, 1860-1945.
1 photo ; col.
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Slide is property of Nicholas M. Dawes.
Digitized from a loaned slide; Nicholas M. Dawes; 2008.
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Description: Photo is of the Bacchantes vase, created in 1927 by René Lalique. Illustrations of the vase can be seen in Lalique-Encore by Nicholas M. Dawes, p. 2, Lalique Glass by Nicholas M. Dawes, p. 94, Lalique: a century of glass for a modern world by Thomas Hoving and Jerome Lawton, project directors ; Nicholas M. Dawes, curator., p. 23 and René Lalique, 1860-1945, maître-verrier by Félix Marcilhac, p. 438. Vase is also made in yellow glass and opalescent glass with blue patina.
Technique: Press-molded.
Image orientation: landscape.
Miscellaneous Slides (Slides; Nicholas M. Dawes), binder 1, page 9