Untitled with four apples [slide].

Untitled with four apples [slide].
Walentynowicz, Janusz A., 1956-
[Bloomington, Ill.], 1989.
glass, marble, steel ; 32 cm. x 26 cm. x 24 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
Frantz, Susanne K.
Ruffner, Ginny.
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Buechner, Thomas S. juror
Frantz, Susanne K. juror
Ruffner, Ginny. juror
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Untitled with 4 apples
Master slide condition: Scattered residue, scratch, dust.
Slide 1 condition: Scattered residue, scattered scratches.
Slide 2 condition: Dust.
Copies in drawer: 2
Published in: New Glass Review 11, p. 28, no. 92.
Slide is property of The Corning Museum of Glass. Copyright for image held by artist. CMoG has a license to "reproduce and sell on the Museum's behalf, and without compensation to the artist, slides, postcard, microfiche, or photographs of my objects selected for New Glass Review 11." Rights and Reproductions Manager.
Description in New Glass Review: Cast glass, marble, steel.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Colorless non-lead glass cube (appearing translucent white), plaster, glass enamels, oil paint, marble, steel; Apples: blown cup, enameled on inside, heated, filled with hot glass, picked up on end of punty rod and shaped, stems applied hot; cast block of glass and plaster in cire perdue technique; painted figures in relief; solid cube of fused glass topped, with four life-size green apples, with black stems; each vertical side of cube decorated, with form in relief (dog, bird, female, male) painted in gray and ochre; metal and marble base joined with silicone; cube sits on squarish marble base, with two sides cut straight and joined at a right angle; two other sides irregularly broken; flat steel plate, with four low ground feet is cut to shape of marble and adhered to it; inscribed on base in script: Janusz Walentynowicz 1989.
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Ginny Ruffner.
Technique: Casting.
Type: Sculpture.
Image orientation: portrait.
New Glass Review 11; entry no. 416.1.89
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 11 no. 92
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Image of CMoG object: 90.4.3
Published in New Glass Review Jury Statement : AI85474, p. 8