Victoire [picture].

Lalique, René, 1860-1945.
glass ; 25.8 cm. L.
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Cristal Lalique (Firm). manufacturer
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Published in: Lalique Glass by Nicholas M. Dawes, p. 74, figure 146.
Published in: Lalique: a century of glass for a modern world by Thomas Hoving and Jerome Lawton, project directors ; Nicholas M. Dawes, curator., p. 59, figure 113.
Published in: Lalique par Lalique by Marc Lalique & Marie-Claude Lalique, p. 209.
Published in: René Lalique, 1860-1945, maître-verrier by Félix Marcilhac, p. 502, figure 114-7.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in 2008.
Transparency is property of Nicholas M. Dawes.
Digitized from a loaned transparency; Nicholas M. Dawes; 2008.
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Description in Lalique Glass: "Victoire" automobile mascot, amethyst tinted glass, 1925.
Description in Lalique: "Victoire", auto mascot, ca 1926.
Description in Lalique par Lalique: "Victory", radiator cap or bouchon de radiateur appele "Victoire".
Description in René Lalique, 1860-1945, maître-verrier: "Victoire" bouchon de radiateur, 1928.
Additional description:
Technique: mold-pressed and frosted.
Type: Mascot.
Note on sleeve: "Grand Rapids Art Museum, Victoire."
Image orientation: landscape.
Nicholas M. Dawes