Voyage to void, 1984 [slide].

Voyage to void, 1984 [slide].
Musler, Jay, 1949-
[San Francisco, Calif.], 1984.
glass ; 15.2 cm. x 117 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
McFadden, David Revere.
Patti, Tom.
Ricke, Helmut.
Oil on glass
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Buechner, Thomas S. juror
McFadden, David Revere. juror
Patti, Tom. juror
Ricke, Helmut. juror
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Master slide condition: Good, no marks.
Slide 1 condition: Scattered residue.
Slide 2 condition: Scattered residue and horizontal scratches.
Slide 3 condition: Scattered residue and scattered scratches.
Copies in drawer: 3
Published in: New Glass Review 6, p. 22, no. 65.
Slide is property of The Corning Museum of Glass. Copyright for image held by artist. CMoG has a license to "reproduce and sell on the Museum's behalf, and without compensation to the artist, slides, postcard, microfiche, or photographs of my objects selected for New Glass Review 6." Rights and Reproductions Manager.
Object in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, 85.4.19 acquired by the Museum in 1985.
Description in New Glass Review: Oil on glass.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Blue and gray non-lead glasses, black paint on colorless; cut plate glass, sandblasted, painted and assembled with adhesive. Long, low horizontal boat with tapered ends and raised "cabin" roof; structure comprised of cut sections and strips of plate glass in varying sizes, widths and lengths creating a "skeleton" covered in some areas by an openwork irregular grid; center spine of vessel faced in toward 2/3 length of boat with double layer of vertical pieces painted on both sides with teal-blue paint (dripped in some areas) and one side only decorated in black with motif of a squared spiral (bow section) and leafless trees (mid), in mid section several strips of cut glass have been applied in horizontal rows; exterior sides of body covered in an irregular open grid with top surface left open except for intermittent layered cross pieces; two raised sections sit on top of mid center spiral, lower has two vertical pointed end pieces transversed by two parallel long narrow cross pieces, higher section has two vertical end pieces transversed by a slightly pitched overhanging roof punctuated with drilled holes and applied areas of short parallel pieces, a track of parallel pieces is suspended under roof; keel rests on a long irregular base piece; entire surface of boat covered with brushed black over brushed teal-blue. Engraved "MUSLER 84" on base. SCULP 1
Technique: Oil on glass.
Type: Sculpture.
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Helmut Ricke.
Image orientation: landscape.
New Glass Review 6; entry no. 391.3.84
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 6 no. 65
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Image of CMoG object: 85.4.19
Mentioned in New Glass Review Jury Statement: AI85469, p. 7.