Annual Seminar on Glass

Annual Seminar on Glass

55th Annual Seminar on Glass
The Blaschkas’ Glass Marine Invertebrates: Diving into Context

October 15 and 16, 2016

The 55th annual Seminar at The Corning Museum of Glass will focus on the work of Leopold Blaschka and his son Rudolf, and the current exhibition, Fragile Legacy: The Marine Invertebrate Glass Models of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, on view through January 8, 2017.

From 1863 to 1890, the Blaschkas carefully crafted glass models of marine invertebrates in their studio in Dresden, Germany, and shipped them to museums and universities around the world. The glass models brought underwater creatures to life for study and display. Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, acquired 570 Blaschka models as a teaching collection in 1885. Today, scholars continue to learn from these intricate models and, while conservators at The Corning Museum of Glass work to preserve the models for years to come, marine conservationists work to protect and preserve the sea creatures they represent.

Speakers in this year’s Seminar will put the Blaschkas’ legacy into context, exploring collecting, teaching from models and the creation of models for teaching, conservation, photography, and a demonstration of the Blaschkas’ lampworking techniques.