Journal of Glass Studies, Vol. 55

A total of 12 articles are presented in the 2013 volume of the Journal of Glass Studies. They include a rare Egyptian blue glass face inlay of King Akhenaten; a colorless glass kotyle and a faience pyxis excavated from a tomb in Thessaloniki, Greece; yellow sectilia in the Gorga Collection, Rome; a glass drinking horn in the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels; late 7th-century glassmaking at Glastonbury Abbey; a basin attributed to George Ravenscroft; Jean-Pierre Colné and the French-American origins of mechanized glass cutting (1850–1880); and John Talman’s “Drawings from Painted Glass in Norfolk.” Several notes include topics on a Hellenistic, core-formed glass alabastra from Greece; a mold-blown jar with oriental-inspired decoration that was found in Lyon, France; and an investigation of the dedicatee and redating of a pilgrim flask in The Corning Museum of Glass.This volume is dedicated to the memory of David B. Whitehouse (1941–2013), former executive director of The Corning Museum of Glass (1999–2011) and a noted scholar of ancient and Islamic glass.

The Corning Museum of Glass
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Journal of Glass Studies, v. 55 (2013)