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  1. Clayton, the Pittsburgh home of Henry Clay Frick: art and furnishings / Kahren Jones Hellerstedt... [et al.].

    Clayton, the Pittsburgh home of Henry Clay Frick: art and furnishings / Kahren Jones Hellerstedt... [et al.].

    [Pittsburgh, Pa.] : Helen Clay Frick Foundation ; Distributed by the University of Pittsburgh Press, c1988.

    Hellerstedt, Kahren. Frick Art Museum (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 082296905X 24682 [Pittsburgh, Pa.]: Helen Clay Frick Foundation; Distributed by the University of Pittsburgh Press, c1988. 100 p.: ill. (some col.); 27 cm. N710.2 Published in conjunction with an ...

  2. Glas: Museum Bellerive Zürich / [Bearbeitung, Eva Schmitt; vorbereitende Arbeiten, Catrin Krüger; Biographien, Eva Schmitt und Valeria Legena; Redaktion, Sigrid Barten].

    Museum Bellerive Zürich.
    Zürich : Museum Bellerive, c1992-

    Museum Bellerive Zürich. Schmitt, Eva. Barten, Sigrid. 3907065506 (v. 1) 35441 Zürich: Museum Bellerive, c1992- v. <1- >: ill. (some col.); 23 x 29 cm. NK5110 CMGL has: Bd.1-2. Includes bibliographical references (v. 1, p. 267-280, v ...

  3. The Currier Gallery of Art: Handbook of the Collection

    Manchester. The Currier Gallery of Art
    Manchester, NH: the gallery, 1990

    Manchester. The Currier Gallery of Art 0-929720-03-7 27171 Manchester, NH: the gallery, 1990 211 pp ill. N582.M3 "Glass," pp. 50-51; 195-203 Glass, pp. 50-51 and 195-203 Additional Info: 2nd ed. Michael K. Komanecky, ed Book Stacks CorningDB ...

  4. Price guide / Marble Collectors Society of America.

    Marble Collectors Society of America.
    Trumbull, Conn. : Marble Collectors Society of America, c1989.

    Marble Collectors Society of America. 36263 Trumbull, Conn.: Marble Collectors Society of America, c1989. 17 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. 2nd ed. GV1213 Cover title. Includes a list of contemporary marble makers. Stacks CorningDB Marbles (Game objects) ...

  5. The Lillie and Aaron Straus Paperweight Collection.

    Elder, Robert A., Jr.

    Elder, Robert A., Jr. Bulletin of the Paperwight Collectors' Association, June 1961, n.p., ill. AI57568 CitationDB Glass History ...

  6. Talking About Sale-Rooms- Glass of Rarity and Sentiment.

    Davis, Frank.

    Davis, Frank. Country Life, v. 139, no. 3594, Jan. 1966, pp. 114-115, ill. AI60962 1678 German enameled glass, and English "Amen" glass. CitationDB Glass History ...

  7. The Beirut Souks Excavations.

    Perring, Dominic.

    Perring, Dominic. Thorpe, Reuben. Williams, Tim. Vessel Glass from Beirut: BEY 006, 007, and 045. Beirut: Faculty of Arts and Sciences, American University of Beirut, 2006, pp. 8-26, ill. AI78645 "Background to the project, history of the excavations ...

  8. Richness of a National Collection- Glass at the British Museum.

    Davis, Frank.

    Davis, Frank. Country Life, CXLIV, No. 3723, July 11, 1968, pp. 101-102, ill. AI83672 CitationDB Glass History ...

  9. Die Bauerngefässe der Paráder Glashütte im Museum von Eger.

    Takács, Béla.

    Takács, Béla. Az Egri Múzeum Évkönyve, IV, 1966, pp. 235-254, ill. AI84014 18th and 19th century. In Hungarian; German summary, p. 255. CitationDB Glass History ...

  10. Budapest Művészete a Késöbbi Középkorban a Mohácsi Vészig.

    Gerevich, László.

    Gerevich, László. Budapest Története, 2, 1973, pp. 243-328, ill. AI81181 Art of Budapest in Late Middle Ages, Includes Medieval Hungarian Glass and Facon de Venise. CitationDB Glass History ...

  11. La garvure sur verre aux Cristalleries du Val Saint-Lambert près Liège (XIXx et XXe siècles).

    Philippe, Joseph.

    Philippe, Joseph. Gravures au Pays de Liège, 1970, np., ill. AI83980 CitationDB Glass History ...

  12. Nova muzejska zbrika u Biogradu n/m.

    Petricioli, Sofija.

    Petricioli, Sofija. Vijesti Muzealaca i Konervatora Hrvatske, No. 5, 1970, pp. 3-4, illus. AI85251 16th c. glass. CitationDB Glass History ...

  13. Meisterwerke der Glaskunst.

    Beek, C. C. in der.

    Beek, C. C. in der. Weltkunst, XXXVIII, No. 24, December 15, 1968, p. 1261, ill. AI84326 Exhibition in Düsseldorf. CitationDB Glass History ...

  14. Glass Wonders.


    Illustrated London News, 253, No. 6731, August 3, 1968, pp. 18-19, ill. AI83676 At the British Museum. CitationDB Glass History ...

  15. Tel Anafa: The Third Season.

    Weinberg, Saul S.

    Weinberg, Saul S. Muse, No. 5, 1971, pp. 8-16, ill. AI81348 CitationDB Glass History ...

  16. Clear as Glass.

    Frost, J. A.

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  17. Masterpieces of Glass.


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  18. The Ameircan Way with Art- The Winter Antiques Show.

    Butler, Joseph T.

    Butler, Joseph T. Connoisseuer, 167, No. 671, January 1968, pp. 64-65, ill. AI84325 Loan from Corning Museum. CitationDB Glass History ...

  19. Glass.


    Art at Auction- The Year at Sotheby's & Parke-Bernet 1966-67, New York American Heritage Publishing Co., 1967, pp. 374-377, ill. AI83677 CitationDB Glass History ...

  20. Obsidian and the Origins of Trade.

    Dixon, J. E.

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  21. Die Glasindustrie in Serbien 1883 (L'Industrie Verrerie en Serbie).


    Pressglas-Korrespondenz, no. 1 (2010), pp. 509-510, ill. AI86586 The glass industry in Serbia. CitationDB Glass History ...

  22. Memorial Tribute Tom McGlauchlin, 14 September 1934- 5 April 2011.

    Dreisbach, Fritz.

    Dreisbach, Fritz. The Glass Art Society Journal, (2011), pp. 8-9, ill. AI89781 CitationDB Glass History ...

  23. Collectible Glass and Porcelain Bells.

    Hammond, Lenore.

    Hammond, Lenore. Hammond, Curtis. Bell Tower, (April 1972), pp. 1-28+, ill. AI93500 History, technology, and mainly American, English, and French makers; includes illustrations and descriptions of 46 examples. Photocopy CitationDB Glass History ...

  24. !Attn. Marianne-- New title-- Antiquity-- Week of Feb. 24-28, 2014.

    Price, Jennifer.

    Price, Jennifer. Antiquity, v. 86, no. 331 (Mar. 2002), pp. 254-257, ill. 0003-598X AI97785 Reviews of three books: Les Verres antiques d'Arles: La Collection du Musée Dèpartemental Arles Antique by Danièle Foy; Vessel Glass from the Athenian ...

  25. Collecting French Clocks.

    Savage, Shirley.

    Savage, Shirley. Savage, Malcolm. Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide, v. 58, nos. 86/7 (Christmas and New Years 2005), pp. 30-32, ill. AI97827 Overview of writing antiques. CitationDB Glass History Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK1125.A622 ...

  26. Background to Gallé.

    Polak, Ada.

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  27. Tischglocken.

    Lange, Anselm.

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  28. Canadian Glass.


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  29. Glass Cutting and Engraving.

    Spillman, Jane Shadel.

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  30. For When The Flies Were Bad.

    Ballinger, Phyllis T.

    Ballinger, Phyllis T. Spinning Wheel, 27, No. 8, October 1971, pp. 20-22, ill. AI82578 Fly traps. CitationDB Glass History ...

  31. Trade Beads, Projectile Points, and Knives.

    Harris, R. K.

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  32. La Verrerie en Turquie de l'époque byzantine à l'époque Turque.

    Eyice, Semavi.

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  33. Collecting Rolling Pins.

    Holton, Gladys Pins.

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  34. Strumenti scientifici antichi.

    Vinassa De Regny, Emanuele.

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  35. The Corning Museum of Glass.

    Terry, Mike.

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  36. The Fort Pierce Collection.

    Clausen, Carl J.

    Clausen, Carl J. Bulletin, No. 1, 1970, pp. 1-21, ill. AI83993 19th c. bottles and seals. CitationDB Glass History ...