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  1. Good Housekeeping decorates and plans model rooms at the New York World's Fair: showing how to use "Pittsburgh glass" to give your home, new color light and beauty.


    Koues, Helen. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Loan 1999 September. 92016 1 folded brochure: colored; 44 x 31 cm. folded to 23 x 16 cm. Folder 92016 Cover title. Includes illustrations of "half-scale rooms, exhibited in the Glass ...

  2. [Conflagation of the Crystal Palace, N.Y.-- the dome falling in] [art original]

    Prints & Drawings

    61271 1 art original: b&w engraving; 41 x 56 cm. Unit 36, Drawer 5 Previously framed artwork; unframed 9/2008. Item number 49 Dimensions include mat. Published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Oct. 5, 1858. FF CorningDB Crystal Palace ...