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  1. Plastik sanatlarda cam malzemenin uygulanışı / hazırlayan Nazlı Gülgün Elitez.

    Elitez, Nazlı Gülgün.

    Elitez, Nazlı Gülgün. 120381 2003. xxi, 102 p.: ill.; 21 cm. NK5106 Turkish with summary also in English. Includes bibliographical references (p. 96-101). Thesis (Sanatta yeterlik)--Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003. The application of ...

  2. Dell'origine del vetro, e de' varj suoi usi appresso gli antichi.

    Venezia : Appresso Antonio Groppo, 1748.

    Groppo, Antonio. Corning Museum of Glass. Library. 97201 Venezia: Appresso Antonio Groppo, 1748. 5 p.; 25 cm. Uncataloged #365 "Dissertazione, no. XIX" Running title: Dissertazione dell' origine del vetro. Special CorningDB Glassware ...

  3. Glass / John A. Brooks.

    Brooks, John, 1929-
    London : Hampton House, [1977]

    Brooks, John, 1929- 0905015118 88085 London: Hampton House, [1977] 79 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5106 For fiche, use that of the 1973 ed. (F-5148). Steuben: p. 79. "100 masterpieces of crystal and colour"--Cover. "Originally published ...

  4. Visual art in glass / Dominick Labino.

    Labino, Dominick.
    Dubuque, Iowa : W.C. Brown Co., c1968 (1974 printing)

    Labino, Dominick. 99927 Dubuque, Iowa: W.C. Brown Co., c1968 (1974 printing) xvi, 142 p.: ill.; 23 cm. NK5106 Diderot plates 3 and 4 of Verrerie en bois printed inside front cover. Includes bibliographical references (p. 131-135) and index. 2nd printing ...

  5. Glass, history of / by (in part) Thomas S. Buechner.

    [S.l.] : Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., c1974.

    Charleston, R. J. (Robert Jesse), 1916-1994. Buechner, Thomas S. Wakefield, Hugh, 1915- Encyclopaedia Britannica 15th ed., 1974, pp. 181-196. 86991 [S.l.]: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., c1974. p. 181-196: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK5104 CMoG objects: p. ...

  6. Glas / George Savage.

    Savage, George, 1909-
    Frankfurt am Main : Ariel Verlag, c1965.

    Savage, George, 1909- 98276 Frankfurt am Main: Ariel Verlag, c1965. 128 p.: ill. (some col.); 22 cm. NK5106 Translated from the English ed. by Erika Schindel. CMGL has the American and British English eds. Altes Glas-- Orientalisches Glas-- Venedig-- ...

  7. Antiek kopen. Glazen voorwerpen / Anton van Oirschot.

    Oirschot, Anton van, 1927-
    Helmond, Netherlands : N.V. Boek- en Handelsdrukkerij Helmond, [n.d., 1969?]

    Oirschot, Anton van, 1927- 87955 Glazen voorwerpen Helmond, Netherlands: N.V. Boek- en Handelsdrukkerij Helmond, [n.d., 1969?] 135 p.: ill.; 19 cm. NK5104 Includes bibliographical references (p. 135). Historische schets-- Glasbereiding-- Glas uit de ...

  8. Facts on cut glass / Libbey Glass Company.

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA.
    [Toledo, Ohio : Libbey Glass Company, 1892]

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA. New England Glass Company. 80153 [Toledo, Ohio: Libbey Glass Company, 1892] 39 p.: ill.; 12 x 17 cm. T500 For fiche, use F-193C, 2 sheets. Photocopy. [New York: New York Historical Society, n.d.] 1 p. copied per leaf ...

  9. Observations on glass and enamel / by Augustus W. Franks.

    Franks, Augustus Wollaston, 1826-1897.
    [London] : Day & Son, [ca. 1858]

    Franks, Augustus Wollaston, 1826-1897. Vitreous art, pp. 1-11. 86690 Vitreous art [London]: Day & Son, [ca. 1858] 11 p.: ill.; 36 cm. OVERSIZE 86690 "Extracted from The Art treasures of the United Kingdom." Includes bibliographical ...

  10. Schönes altes Glas: Gläser und Glaskunst über zwei Jahrtausende / John A. Brooks.

    Brooks, John, 1929-
    Bayreuth : Gondrom Verlag, 1979.

    Brooks, John, 1929- 3811200283 88098 Bayreuth: Gondrom Verlag, 1979. 2. Aufl. 79 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5106 Steuben: p. 79. "Meisterwerke farbiger Gläser aus dem alten China, Ägypten, dem Islam, aus dem antiken Rom und Europa der ...

  11. La verrerie depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours / par A. Sauzay.

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870.
    Paris : L. Hachette & Cie, 1869.

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870. 90807 Paris: L. Hachette & Cie, 1869. iv, 323 p.: ill.; 19 cm. 2ème éd., rev. et augm. NK5104 Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Bibliothèque des merveilles Cage CorningDB Glass History. Glassware ...

  12. Antiek glas / Gustav Weiss, onder redactie van Frans Dony.

    Weiss, Gustav, 1922-
    Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1980.

    Weiss, Gustav, 1922- Dony, Frans. 9010029107 88125 Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1980. 214 p., [16] plates: ill. (some col.), maps; 20 cm. NK5106 Dutch translation of Ullstein Gläserbuch. Translated by G. Messelaar. Includes index. Van de oudheid tot aan het ...

  13. Antiek glas en kristal / Elka Schrijver.

    Schrijver, Elka.
    Bussum : Van Dishoeck, c1972.

    Schrijver, Elka. 9022842355 91685 Bussum: Van Dishoeck, c1972. 5. druk. 144 p., 32 p. of plates: ill.; 21 cm. NK5106 Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-142). Originally published as v. 1 of "Glas en kristal". Cage CorningDB Glassware ...

  14. [Glass articles selected from issues of the Art Journal and its predecessor Art-union / compiled by John P. Smith].

    Smith, John P.
    [London : s.n., 1846-1911]

    Smith, John P. 93967 [London: s.n., 1846-1911] 1 v.: ill.; 31 cm. Journal issues are identified by title and year only. CMGL has borrowed for filming. Photocopies of glass articles (excluding window glass and stained glass) made for research purposes ...

  15. Glasmuseum Wertheim / [Autoren, Siegfried Eck... et al.].

    Braunschweig : Westermann, 1991.

    Eck, Siegfried. 89284 Braunschweig: Westermann, 1991. 129 p.: ill. (some col.); 19 cm. "Veröffentlichungen des Museums": p. 128. Museum (Georg Westermann Verlag); Feb. 1991. Museum, 0341-8634; Feb. 1991 Stacks CorningDB Glasmuseum (Wertheim, ...

  16. Glass and crystal / by Elka Schrijver.

    Schrijver, Elka.
    London : Merlin Press, 1963-1964.

    Schrijver, Elka. 87682 London: Merlin Press, 1963-1964. 2 v.: ill., plates; 21 cm. NK5106 For fiche, use that of the American ed. (v. 1: F-3197; v. 2: F-3198). Includes bibliographical references and index. Cage CorningDB Glassware History. Glassware ...

  17. Glas / Felice Mehlman.

    Mehlman, Felice.
    Freiburg : Herder, c1983.

    Mehlman, Felice. 3451197170 9783451197178 98217 Freiburg: Herder, c1983. 256 p.: ill. (some col.); 23 cm. NK5104 Translated from the English by Waltraud Westen. Includes bibliography (p. 246-247) and index. Purchase; Chiemgauer Internet Antiquariat; 2013; ...

  18. Antike Überlieferung in der mittelalterlichen Glaserzeugung / N.P. Sorokina.

    Sorokina, N. P. (Nina Petrovna)
    Budapest : Akadémiai Kiadó, [1977?]

    Sorokina, N. P. (Nina Petrovna) Formation et le developpement des métiers au Moyen Âge (Ve-XIVe siècles), pp. 95-101. 84504 Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, [1977?] p. 95-101, 5 p. of plates; 24 cm. NK5106 C. 1 has written at top of p. 95 "ICOM 1977, ...

  19. Wonders of glass & bottle making in all ages / by A. Sauzay.

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870.
    Fort Davis, Tex. : Frontier Book Co., 1969.

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870. 88588 Wonders of glass and bottle making in all ages Fort Davis, Tex.: Frontier Book Co., 1969. xviii, [21]-256 p.: ill.; 18 cm. NK5104 "With forty-four wood engravings." Reprint of the ed. published in 1871 ...

  20. Meraviglie dell'industria. Il vetro e le porcellane: il cristallo, le majoliche, le porcellane / di Luigi Figuier.

    Figuier, Louis, 1819-1894.
    Milano : Fratelli Treves, 1880.

    Figuier, Louis, 1819-1894. 92700 Vetro e le porcellane: il cristallo, le majoliche, le porcellane Milano: Fratelli Treves, 1880. 2a ed. vii, 380 p.: ill.; 31 cm. TP857 Translation from the French of the first 2 sections of Les merveilles de l' ...

  21. Verreries gallo-romaines, trésors du quotidien: dossier pédagogique.

    [Blois : Château de Blois], c1996.

    Château de Blois (Museum) 82006 [Blois: Château de Blois], c1996. 12 sheets in portfolio; 31 cm. NK5107.6 Title from portfolio. Compiled to accompany the exhibition of the same title held October 19, 1996-March 2, 1997 at the Châteaux de Blois. ...

  22. Art in glass / by Phyllis Raybin Emert.

    Art in glass / by Phyllis Raybin Emert.

    Emert, Phyllis Raybin.
    Detroit : Lucent Books, c2007.

    Emert, Phyllis Raybin. 9781590189832 1590189833 112771 Detroit: Lucent Books, c2007. 112 p.: ill. (chiefly col.), map; 24 cm. NK5106 An introduction to the history of glassmaking. Includes bibliographical references (p. 107) and index. The evolution of ...

  23. Glas: vom Barock bis zur Gegenwart / Claudia Horbas, Renate Möller.

    Horbas, Claudia.
    München : Deutscher Kunstverlag, c2006.

    Horbas, Claudia. Möller, Renate. 3422064737 (hd.bd.) 9783422064737 (hd.bd.) 106064 Glass, vom Barock bis zur Gegenwart München: Deutscher Kunstverlag, c2006. 2., aktualisierte Aufl. 163 p.: ill. (chiefly col.); 27 cm. NK5106 Includes bibliographical ...

  24. Art du verre / Clémentine Schack; [traduit de l'allemande par Anne Freyer].

    Schack-Simitzis, Clementine
    Paris : éd. Princesse, c1976.

    Schack-Simitzis, Clementine Mariacher, Giovanni. Arte del vetro: dall'antichità al Rinascimento. 109332 Paris: éd. Princesse, c1976. 156 p.: col. ill; 20 cm. NK5106 CMGL has the original German ed. (NK5106.S29a) and the Italian and English editions ...

  25. Schönes Glas / George Savage.

    Savage, George, 1909-
    Essen : Mundus Verlag, c1988.

    Savage, George, 1909- 3883850233 9783883850238 106034 Essen: Mundus Verlag, c1988. 128 p.: ill. (some col.); 22 cm. NK5106 German translation of Savage's "Glass" published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, N.Y., 1965, in their "Pleasures and ...

  26. Chefs-d'œuvre of the industrial arts / by Philippe Burty; edited by W. Chaffers.

    Burty, Philippe, 1830-1890.
    London : Chapman and Hall, 1869.

    Burty, Philippe, 1830-1890. Chaffers, William, 1811-1892. 104113 London: Chapman and Hall, 1869. viii, 391, [1] p.: ll., plates, port.; 23 cm. T47 Table glass: p. 177-198; window glass: p. 201-218. CMGL also has the Cassell, Petter, and Galpin 1869 ed. ...

  27. Bienal de arte en vidrio nuevas propuestas/arte contemporáneo. [Exhibition] 13 Setiembre- 03 de Deciembre 2006. / Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.

    Museu del Vidrio.
    Monterrey : Museu del Vidrio, 2006.

    Museu del Vidrio. 101814 Monterrey: Museu del Vidrio, 2006. [44] p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. 1 Bienal de Arte en Vidrio. Stacks CorningDB Glassware Exhibitions. Glassware History. ...

  28. Glas: 17. Jahrhundert bis 1940: Übersichtskatalog mit aktuellen Marktpreisen / Walter Spiegl.

    Spiegl, Walter.
    Regenstauf : Battenberg, c2009.

    Spiegl, Walter. 9783866460393 3866460392 113217 Regenstauf: Battenberg, c2009. 4. Aufl. 255 p.: ill. (some col.), maps; 29 cm. NK5104 Includes examples from auctions with prices. CMoG objects: p. 9-10, 12, 30. Includes bibliographical references (p. 252 ...

  29. The Encyclopedia of glass / edited by Phoebe Phillips.

    Phillips, Phoebe.
    London : Heinemann, 1981.

    Phillips, Phoebe. 0434982008 74540 London: Heinemann, 1981. 320 p.: ill. (some col.), maps; 29 cm. NK5104 For fiche, use that of the American ed. (F-6604) Includes bibliographical referencs (p. 298-314) and index. "A Phoebe Phillips/Heinemann book ...

  30. Marvels of glass-making in all ages / by A. Sauzay; illustrated with sixty-three engravings on wood.

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870.
    London, S. Low, son, and Marston, [n.d.].

    Sauzay, A. (Alexandre), 1804-1870. 67161 London, S. Low, son, and Marston, [n.d.]. xx, 272 p.: ill.; 20 cm. NK5104 Signed: Fredr C Carder, Nov. 1902. For fiche, use that of 1870 ed., f-3694, 6 sheets. From the collection of Frederick Carder. Differs from ...

  31. Glass.

    Wills, Geoffrey.
    London, Orbis Publishing Ltd, 1972.

    Wills, Geoffrey. 0856131210 73863 London, Orbis Publishing Ltd, 1972. 64 p. illus. (chiefly col.), map, 31 cm. NK5104 For fiche, use F-4868 (1973 ed., published by Crescent Books, division of Crown Publishing). Bibliography: p. 16. Orbis connoisseur' ...

  32. Antique glass / John Sandon.

    Antique glass / John Sandon.

    Sandon, John.
    Woodbridge : Antique Collectors' Club, 2003.

    Sandon, John. 1851494529 79504 Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club, 2003. 189 p.: ill. (chiefly col.); 25 cm. NK5106 References to Corning Museum of Glass: p. 145, 182. Includes bibliographical references (p. 183) and index. Originally published: ...

  33. Schoolcraft manuscript.

    Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864.

    Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864. 70792 6 v.: ill.; 18-27 cm. TP853.A1 Notes on Henry Schoolcraft by Dorothy Daniels (2 p.) are inserted in Pt. 2. Photocopy. [Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1972]. Contents disordered, but follow exactly the ...

  34. 5000 years of glass / by Frances Rogers and Alice Beard; line drawings by the authors and eight halftones from photographs.

    Rogers, Frances.
    New York : Frederick A. Stokes, c1937.

    Rogers, Frances. Beard, Alice. 66592 New York: Frederick A. Stokes, c1937. xvi, 303 p.: ill., plates; 22 cm. TP849 "A very enlightening survey of the history of glass from the earliest known and surmised history to the present developments in blocks ...

  35. The complete guide to glass collecting / Pickvet, Mark.

    Pickvet, Mark.
    Ann Arbor, MI : UMI, [2003].

    Pickvet, Mark. 75137 Ann Arbor, MI: UMI, [2003]. 1 v. (ca. 700 p.): ill.; 23 cm. NK5104 Photocopy of the author's thesis (M.A.)--California State University, Dominguez Hills, 1994. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Chapt. 1. Foreign ...

  36. Stories about antique glass: May 1999-December 2001 / by Andy McConnell.

    McConnell, Andy.
    [East Sussex, England : the author, 2002]

    McConnell, Andy. 74762 [East Sussex, England: the author, 2002] 1 v. (various pagings): ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5104 For microform, use that of the later edition: NK5104.M12 2002. Cover title. Spiral bound. Color reproductions of the author's ...