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  1. Kentucky Derby glasses: price guide: a comprehensive guide to collecting Kentucky Derby mint julep and shot glasses / [editor, Judy L. Marchman].

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  2. Antiques in Pennsylvania Dutchland / photographs by Mel Horst; text by Elmer Smith.

    Smith, Elmer Lewis.
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  3. Collector's encyclopedia of depression glass / Gene Florence.

    Collector's encyclopedia of depression glass / Gene Florence.

    Florence, Gene, 1944-
    Paducah, Ky. : Collector Books, c2000.

    Florence, Gene, 1944- 1574321404 63402 Depression glass Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, c2000. 14th ed. 238 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm. NK5112.74 "America's #1 bestselling glass book"--Cover. Arranged by pattern; includes reproductions; no index ...

  4. 'The Century's Triumph in Lighting': The Luxfer Prism Companies and Their Contribution to Early Modern Architecture.

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  5. Glass: Now and Tomorrow. An Old Material in a New Light Reflects the Promise of the Future


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  6. The Schley Goblet.

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  7. American Trade Cards and Advertisements, Part III.


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  9. More Trivia for Mustard Collectors.

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  10. American Cut Glass Patterns- H. P. Sinclaire

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  11. A Child's Head 'Mystery Piece' Identified.

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  12. Rare Dithridge Catalog Acquired.


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  18. Inverted Strawberry.

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  19. The Denbigh Project 2001: Excavation of a Civil War Blockade-Runner.

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  27. Meet Me in St. Louis....


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  28. Flint Glass.

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  29. It's a Sweet Ride: Boyd's Taxi Candy Container.


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  30. Pairpoint Canaria.

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  32. A Unique Kaziun Commemorative Paperweight.

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  33. New Technologies, Studios Keep Traditional Skills Alive.

    Peer, Dick.

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  36. The Pairpoint Dating Game: Dating Pairpoint Cut Glass-- A Summary of LABAC Research.

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