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  1. Ludwig Gosewitz: Glasobjekte 1980-1987, Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Rosemarie Schwarwälder.

    Gosewitz, Ludwig, 1936-
    Wien : Galerie nächst St. Stephan, 1987 ( Druckerei REMAprint)

    Gosewitz, Ludwig, 1936- Galerie nächst St. Stephan. 33069 Wien: Galerie nächst St. Stephan, 1987 (Druckerei REMAprint) [5] p., 16 col. pl.: col. ill.; 21 cm. NK5198.G67 An edition of 800. Introduction by Manfred Mengel. Published in connection with ...

  2. [Catalogue]

    Vecht, A., Art Gallery.
    Amsterdam : A. Vecht, 1966-

    Vecht, A., Art Gallery. 32676 Amsterdam: A. Vecht, 1966- v.: ill.; 25 cm. N8660.V4 Library has 1966,1967,1968,1970,1972. Includes glassware. Stacks CorningDB Art objects Catalogs. ...

  3. The Virginia Carroll Crawford collection: American decorative arts, 1825-1917 / David A. Hanks and Donald C. Peirce.

    Hanks, David A.
    Atlanta, Ga. : High Museum of Art, c1983.

    Hanks, David A. Peirce, Donald C. High Museum of Art. 0939802163 (pbk.) 22665 Atlanta, Ga.: High Museum of Art, c1983. 94 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK807 Includes glass objects. Stacks CorningDB Crawford, Virginia Carroll. Decorative arts United States ...

  4. Les Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert / par Edouard Clausset.

    Clausset, Édouard.
    Bruxelles : Pauwels Fils, 1947.

    Clausset, Édouard. 31953 Bruxelles: Pauwels Fils, 1947. 46 p.: ill.; 21 cm. TP854.B4 Offprint from: Verre et Silicates Industriels, t. 12, no. 4,5,6,7, 1947. Bibliography: p. [4]. f-2316, 1 sheet; hard copy in library TP854.B4.C61. Cage CorningDB ...

  5. 880-03 Keishū Kōnanri dai hyaku-kyū-gōfun Kōari dai jūyon-gōfun chōsa hōkoku / [Chōsen Sōtokufu]

    880-04 [Keijō] : Chōsen Sōtokufu, Shōwa 12 [1937]

    880-05 Korea. 24329 880-04 [Keijō]: Chōsen Sōtokufu, Shōwa 12 [1937] 8, 2, 97 p., [61] leaves of plates: ill., plans; 27 cm. DS925.K9 Errata slip inserted. 880-07 Shōwa 9-nendo koseki chōsa hōkoku; dai 1-satsu Stacks CorningDB Tombs Korea (South) ...

  6. Le Cabinet de l'amateur: Nouvelle série / par M. Eugène Piot.

    Paris : Librairie Firmin Didot Frères, Fils et cie, 1861-1863.

    Piot, Eugène, 1812-1890. 29376 Paris: Librairie Firmin Didot Frères, Fils et cie, 1861-1863. [iii], 376, 80 p.: ill.; 30 cm. Vol. 1, 1861-2 and Vol. 2, 1862-3. N2 Histoire de la verrerie vénitienne: p. 39-48. Library has vol. 1, 1861-2 and vol.2, 1862 ...

  7. Die Predig von dem Glassmachen.

    Mathesius, Johann, 1504-1565.
    München : Deukula, 1927.

    Mathesius, Johann, 1504-1565. 32464 München: Deukula, 1927. [65] pages; 32 cm. TP856 Facsimile edition of sermon 15 from the 1578 edition of Sarepta oder Bergpostill, a sermon on glass and glassmaking. Johannes Mathesius interpreted the works of Agricola ...

  8. Conservation and restoration of stained glass: an owner's guide / prepared by the Census of Stained Glass Windows in America.

    Census of Stained Glass Windows in America (Organization)
    [S.l.] : Census of Stained Glass Windows in America, 1988.

    Census of Stained Glass Windows in America (Organization) 25421 [S.l.]: Census of Stained Glass Windows in America, 1988. 40 p.: ill.; 23 cm. NK5304.5 Bibliography: p. 38-39. Stacks CorningDB Glass painting and staining Conservation and restoration. ...

  9. Modern glass from Valencia and Cataluña in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America.

    Frothingham, Alice Wilson.
    [New York] : Hispanic Society of America, 1930.

    Frothingham, Alice Wilson. Hispanic Society of America. 20309 [New York]: Hispanic Society of America, 1930. [12] p. (folder): chiefly ill.; 19 cm. NK5162 Includes references. Cage CorningDB Glassware Spain 20th century. ...

  10. Georgius Agricola de re metallica, tr. from the 1st Latin ed. of 1556, with biographical introduction, annotations and appendices upon the development of mining methods, metallurgical processes, geology, mineralogy & mining law, from the earliest times to the 16th century, by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover.

    Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555.
    New York, Dover Press, 1950.

    Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555. Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964. Hoover, Lou Henry, 1874-1944. 21685 New York, Dover Press, 1950. 638 p. ill. 28 cm. TN617 Complete and unchanged reprint of transl. publ. by The Mining Magazine, London, 1912. "Bibliographical ...

  11. The World's Fair, or, Childrens' prize gift book of the Great Exhibition of 1851: describing the beautiful inventions and manufactures exhibited therein; with pretty stories about the people who have made and sent them; and how they live when at home.

    London : Thomas Dean & Son : Ackermann and Co., [1851]

    Great Exhibition (1851: London, England) 31368 Childrens' prize gift book of the Great Exhibition of 1851 London: Thomas Dean & Son: Ackermann and Co., [1851] 106, 21 p., [2] leaves of plates: ill. (some col.); 19 cm. T690 Glass: p. 73, 77, 80, ...

  12. Severno emonsko grobišče. = The northern necropolis of Emona. / Plesničar-Gec Ljudmila.

    Plesničar-Gec, Ljudmila.
    Ljubljana, Narodni muzej; Mestni muzej, 1972.

    Plesničar-Gec, Ljudmila. 22832 Northern necropolis of Emona Ljubljana, Narodni muzej; Mestni muzej, 1972. 272, [3] p., 218 p. of illus., 2 fold. l. of illus. (in pocket), 8 col. plates. 34 cm. DR396.L78 Slovenian and English. Errata slip inserted. ...

  13. Technical manual.

    Professional Stained Glass.
    New York : Professional Stained Glass, 1989.

    Professional Stained Glass. 33671 New York: Professional Stained Glass, 1989. 1 v.: ill.; 29 cm. TT298 Cover title. Three-ring binder of reprints of 200 articles which appeared in Professional Stained Glass magazine, 1988-1989. Includes index. Cage ...

  14. Excavations at 'Āna: Qal'a Island by Alistair Northedge, Andrina Bamber and Michael Roaf with contributions by Bahija Ismaʻil... [et al.].

    Northedge, Alistair.
    Warminster : Published for the British School of Archaeology in Iraq and the Directorate of Antiquities by Aris & Phillips, c1988.

    Northedge, Alistair. Roaf, Michael. Bamber, Andrina. Glass. British School of Archaeology in Iraq. 0856684252 (pbk): £24.00 24634 Warminster: Published for the British School of Archaeology in Iraq and the Directorate of Antiquities by Aris & Phillips ...

  15. Geology illustrated [by] John S. Shelton. Drawings by Hal Shelton.

    Shelton, John S.
    San Francisco, W. H. Freeman [1966]

    Shelton, John S. 21785 San Francisco, W. H. Freeman [1966] xii, 434 p. illus., maps. 28 cm. QE26 Bibliography: p. 425. Stacks CorningDB Geology. ...

  16. The Glass review: a commentary on technical progress in glass / issued by the Department of Glass Technology, Sheffield.

    Sheffield, England : Dept. of Glass Technology, University of Sheffield, 1925-

    University of Sheffield. Dept. of Glass Technology. 37856 Sheffield, England: Dept. of Glass Technology, University of Sheffield, 1925- v.; 22 cm. No. 1 (June 1925)- Title from caption. CorningDB Glass Research Periodicals. ...

  17. Crown in glory: a celebration of craftmanship: studies in stained glass / edited by Peter Moore.

    Moore, Peter Clement.
    Norwich : Jarrold & Sons, [1982?]

    Moore, Peter Clement. Lee, Laurence. Wayment, Hilary. Glazier's sorting marks at Fairford. Archer, Michael. Wynne, Michael. Irish stained and painted glass in the 18th century. Caviness, Madeline Harrison, 1938- Newton, R. G. (Roy G.) Unusual effects ...

  18. Keramik / bearbeitet von Detlef Wettschereck, Gisela Reineking von Bock.

    Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Köln.
    Köln : Kunstgewerbemuseum Köln, 1981.

    Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Köln. Wettschereck, Detlef. Reineking-von Bock, Gisela, 1933- 23274 Köln: Kunstgewerbemuseum Köln, 1981. 32 p.: ill.; 24 cm. TP808 Bibliography: p. 32. Bildführer kunsthandwerklicher Techniken; Heft 3 Stacks CorningDB ...

  19. Die Glas-fabrikation: Eine übersichtliche Darstellung der gesammten Glasindustrie mit vollständiger Anleitung zur Herstellung aller Sorten von Glas und Glaswaaren / Zum Gebrauche für Glasfabrikanten und Gewerbetreibende aller verwandten Branchen, auf Grund praktischer Erfahrungen und der neuesten Fortschritte bearbeitet von Raimund Gerner.

    Gerner, Raimund.
    Wien : A. Hartleben, 1897.

    Gerner, Raimund. 27911 Wien: A. Hartleben, 1897. vii, 348 p.: ill., diagrs.; 18 cm. 2., vollständig umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage. TP857 f-1987, 7 sheets. Hard copy in library TP857.G37.1897. A. Hartleben's Chemisch-technische Bibliothek; [Bd ...

  20. Glass in the Philips industries.

    Philips Industries. Glass Industry Group.
    Eindhoven : Philips Industries, March 1958.

    Philips Industries. Glass Industry Group. 32407 Eindhoven: Philips Industries, March 1958. [35] p.: ill.; 22 x 28 cm. TP854.N3 Introduces the new Glass Development Centre. Cage CorningDB Philips Industries. Glass Industry Group. Glass manufacture ...

  21. Beiträge zur Archäologie des römischen Rheinlands / von L. H. Barfield... [et al.]

    Düsseldorf, Bonn : Rheinland-Verlag, c 1968-72.

    Barfield, L. H. Weissgerber, Clemens. 20589 Dortmunder Museumbesitz, die antiken Gläser im Düsseldorf, Bonn: Rheinland-Verlag, c 1968-72. 3 v.: ill., plans, maps; 27 cm. DD801.R72 Library has: v. l. Funde aus Glas, von W. Haberey: p. 87; Die antiker ...

  22. Bernard Dejonghe.

    Nirac : Editions vers les arts, 1994.

    36274 Nirac: Editions vers les arts, 1994. [16] p.: chiefly ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5198.D32 Cover title. Laid in: list of exhibitions; captions for the photos; English translation of the essay (2 p.). Stacks CorningDB Dejonghe, Bernard, 1942- Catalogs ...

  23. Italian manuscript painting 1300-1550: [an exhibition at the] Pierpont Morgan Library.

    Pierpont Morgan Library.
    New York, N.Y. : The Library, 1984.

    Pierpont Morgan Library. 26880 New York, N.Y.: The Library, 1984. [36] p.: ill.; 22 cm. Z6621.N55 Cover title. Includes index. Stacks CorningDB Manuscripts, Italian United States. Illumination of books and manuscripts Italy. Location:  Stacks Call Number: ...

  24. Sir Banister Fletcher's A history of architecture.

    Fletcher, Banister, Sir, 1866-1953.
    London ; Boston : Butterworths, 1987.

    Fletcher, Banister, Sir, 1866-1953. Musgrove, John. 040801587X: £48.00 24041 History of architecture London; Boston: Butterworths, 1987. 19th ed. / edited by John Musgrove; consultant editors, John Tarn, Peter Willis, assistant editor Jane Farron. 1621 p. ...

  25. Gläsersammlung Röver: Uelzen-1987, Heimatmuseum Uelzen Schloss Holdenstedt.

    Röver, Fritz.
    Uelzen : Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen, 1987.

    Röver, Fritz. Uelzen. Heimatmuseum Uelzen, Schloss Holdenstedt. 34024 Uelzen: Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen, 1987. 192 p.: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. NK5103.R8 Bibliography: p. 180. Stacks CorningDB Röver, Fritz Art collections. Glassware ...

  26. [Price lists for 1934].

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA.
    Moundsville, W.Va. : Fostoria Glass Co., 1934.

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA. 29990 Fine table glassware Moundsville, W.Va.: Fostoria Glass Co., 1934. 2 items; ill.; 22 cm. Tableware: Fostoria Glass Co., Moundsville, WV, USA (F-5920T) F-5920T, 2 sheets. Microfiche only, original catalog ...

  27. A guide to the prices of Northwood pattern glass; clear, colored, custard and carnival / by Marion T. Hartung.

    Hartung, Marion T.
    S.l. : s.n., [c1969].

    Hartung, Marion T. 25320 Northwood pattern glass S.l.: s.n., [c1969]. 1st ed. 31 p.; 13 x 18 cm. NK5112.9.N8 F-4986, 1 sheet. Cage CorningDB Glassware Prices. Glassware United States History 20th century. Custard glass. Carnival glass. Pressed glass ...

  28. OCLC newsletter.

    Columbus, Ohio : Ohio College Library Center, 1973-[2005]

    Ohio College Library Center. OCLC. 0163-898X NextSpace 1559-0011 (DLC) 2005215901 (OCoLC)62313411 37335 Columbus, Ohio: Ohio College Library Center, 1973-[2005] 206 v.: ill.; 28 cm. Quarterly, July 2002-Apr./May/June 2005 No. 63 (Nov. 30, 1973)-no. 268 ...

  29. Ägyptisches Kunsthandwerk. Ein Handbuch für Sammler und Liebhaber. / Hans Kayser.

    Kayser, Hans, 1891-1964.
    Braunschweig, Klinkhardt & Biermann 1969.

    Kayser, Hans, 1891-1964. GDB69A3284 75.00 28564 Braunschweig, Klinkhardt & Biermann 1969. vii, 345 p., 16 β. col. plates: ill.; 25 cm. N5350 Glass: p.146-154. Bibliography: p.345-350. Bibliothek für Kunst- und Antiquitätenfreund, Bd. 26 Includes ...

  30. Pannonische Glasfunde in Ungarn / László Barkóczi.

    Pannonische Glasfunde in Ungarn / László Barkóczi.

    Barkóczi, László.
    Budapest : Akadémiai Kiadó, 1988.

    Barkóczi, László. 9630542862 32829 Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1988. 223 p., cxvii p. of plates: ill., maps; 30 cm. NK5107.6 Reviewed by Barbara Czurda-Ruth in Bonner Jahrbücher, v. 190, 1990, pp. 731-732. Bibliography: p. 14-16. Studia archaeologica ...

  31. Kniha o skle / F.X. Jiřík.

    Jiřík, F. X. (František Xaver), b. 1867.
    Praha : Jan Štenc, 1934.

    Jiřík, F. X. (František Xaver), b. 1867. 29805 Praha: Jan Štenc, 1934. 217 p.,[80] β. of plates: ill.; 22 cm. NK5106 f-5496, 7 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5106.J61. Bibliography: p.215. Cage CorningDB Glassware History. Glassware Czechoslovakia ...

  32. Porcelain / Hugh Tait.

    Tait, Hugh.
    New York : Marlboro Books, 1962.

    Tait, Hugh. 26045 New York: Marlboro Books, 1962. 42 p., 55 col. pl.: ill.; 28 cm. NK4370 This is the American edition of the English book: London: Hamlyn, 1962. On jacket: Spring Art Books, and "ninety works of art in full colour". Stacks ...

  33. Kovels' depression glass & American dinnerware price list / Ralph and Terry Kovel.

    Kovel, Ralph M.
    New York : Crown, c1988.

    Kovel, Ralph M. 0517568659 (pbk.): $12.95 32283 New York: Crown, c1988. 3rd ed. 233 p., [8] p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 20 cm. NK5112.74 Includes bibliographies. Rev. ed. of: The Kovels' illustrated price guide to depression glass and American ...

  34. Pinturas en vidrio y Plexiglas = Gemälde auf Glas und Plexiglas Stefan, Freiherr von Reiswitz, Malaga.

    Galerie Schaumann.
    Essen : Galerie Schaumann, 1976 ( Málaga, Gráficas Sorima)

    Galerie Schaumann. Reiswitz, Stefan, Freiherr von, 1931- 28759 Gemälde auf Glas und Plexiglas Stefan Essen: Galerie Schaumann, 1976 (Málaga, Gráficas Sorima) [36] p.: ill. (some col.); 15 cm. NK5398.R3 Cover title: Stefan. Catalog of an exhibition at ...

  35. Vitraux du XIIIe au XVIe siècle: troisième série / d'après les clichés des archives de la Commission des monuments historiques; notices par Jules Roussel; recueil suivi d'une collection de verrières modernes exécutées par M. Leprévost d'après les cartons de F. Ehrmann Fauquet, Fritel, Marcel Magne, Gaston Quénioux, Revel, Steinheil, Weber et Lalande.

    Roussel, J. (Jules), b. 1865.
    Paris : A. Guérinet, [n.d., 1913?]

    Roussel, J. (Jules), b. 1865. Leprévost, M. France. Commission des monuments historiques. Archives. 28380 Paris: A. Guérinet, [n.d., 1913?] 3 p., [75] plates; 41 cm. NK5349 CMGL copies have different portfolio covers, but contents are the same. Copy 1 ...

  36. Robert L. Pfannebecker Collection: a selection of contemporary American crafts: October 17-November 20, 1980, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / [exhibition organized and catalogue compiled by Helen Williams Drutt].

    Moore College of Art.
    Philadelphia : The College, c1980.

    Moore College of Art. Drutt, Helen Williams. 22062 Philadelphia: The College, c1980. 78 p.: ill. (some col.); 20 x 24 cm. TT145 Printed in an edition of 3,000. Includes glass and neon artists. Bibliography: p. 75-76. Stacks CorningDB Pfannebecker, Robert ...