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  1. Bulletin / Canadian Society of Decorative Arts = Cercle canadien des arts décoratifs.

    Toronto : The Society = Le Cercle, [1982]-2005

    Canadian Society of Decorative Arts. 0849-083X Ornamentum 1718-5211 38210 Toronto: The Society = Le Cercle, [1982]-2005 v.: ill.; 28 cm. Quarterly Vol. 1, no. 1 (spring 1982)-v. 23, no. 1-2 (spring-summer 2005) Text in English only, spring 1982; includes ...

  2. Walt's glass guide / Walt Lieberman.

    Lieberman, Walter.
    Seattle, WA : W. Lieberman, 1982.

    Lieberman, Walter. 36541 Seattle, WA: W. Lieberman, 1982. 19 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP859 Hand-written and produced by photocopy. Glossary; Tools; Health & safety; Glass shop etiquette; How to make a drinking glass; Folk wisdom. Stacks CorningDB Glass ...

  3. Émile Gallé / Dorothy LuAnn Brandt.

    Brandt, Dorothy LuAnn.
    [s.l. : s.n.], 1976.

    Brandt, Dorothy LuAnn. 21508 [s.l.: s.n.], 1976. [22] leaves: ill.; 28 cm. F- f-6104, 1 sheet. Fiche only, filmed from a borrowed source. Typescript (Photoreproduction). Microform CorningDB Gallé, Emile, 1846-1904. Glassware France 19th century. ...

  4. The story of stained glass. Prepared and sponsored by the Stained Glass Association of America.

    Stained Glass Association of America.
    Fairfax, Va. : Stained Glass Assoc. of America, Jan. 1963.

    Stained Glass Association of America. 29650 Fairfax, Va.: Stained Glass Assoc. of America, Jan. 1963. 5th ed. 22 p.: ill.; 22 cm. NK5304 f-3024, 1 sheet; hard copy in library NK5304.S78 1963. Bibliography: p. 17-18. Cage CorningDB Glass painting and ...

  5. Die Entwicklung der Produktionsverhältnisse in der Glasindustrie Thüringens, von ihre Anfängen bis zur vollständigen Herausbindung des Kapitalismus /von Rudolf Ludloff.

    Ludloff, Rudolf.
    Jena : Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, 1955.

    Ludloff, Rudolf. 29562 Jena: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, 1955. 265 p.: ill.; 29 cm. TP854.G3 Thesis--Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. Bibliography: p. 256-264. Hard copy from copy filmed by University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich. Flooded, slight ...

  6. Pris-courant öfver Eda Aktiebolags tillverkningar af parfym-glas och bläck-kärl.

    Eda Aktiebolag, Eda, Sweden.
    [Eda] : Eda Aktiebolag, 1878 (Jönköping : Jönköpings Lith.)
    Trade Catalogs

    Eda Aktiebolag, Eda, Sweden. 29729 [Eda]: Eda Aktiebolag, 1878 (Jönköping: Jönköpings Lith.) [6] p., 8 leaves of plates; 19 cm. Bottles: Eda Aktiebolag, Charlottenberg, Sweden (F-5600B) Prices handwritten. Fiche only, original property of Smälands ...

  7. Die deutsche Hinterglasmalerei.

    Keiser, Herbert Wolfgang, 1913-
    München : F. Bruckmann, [1937]

    Keiser, Herbert Wolfgang, 1913- 25456 München: F. Bruckmann, [1937] 70 p., 1β. col. front., 96 plates on 48 β. 28 cm. ND1590 f-3398, 3 sheets. "Schrifttum": p. 68-70. Cage CorningDB Glass underpainting Germany History. Folk art Germany. ...

  8. 201 rare Scotch whisky miniatures / by David L. Maund and Mike Barbakoff.

    Maund, David L.
    Palos Verdes, CA : Brisco, 1991.

    Maund, David L. Barbakoff, Mike. 0960357733 35099 Palos Verdes, CA: Brisco, 1991. 61 p.: ill.; 22 cm. NK5440.B6 Stacks CorningDB Miniature bottles Collectors and collecting. Liquor bottles. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  NK5440.B6M44 Location:  ...

  9. Italská majolikā.

    Vydrová, Jiřina.
    Praha, Uměleckoprůmyslové Museum, 1955.

    Vydrová, Jiřina. 23475 Praha, Uměleckoprůmyslové Museum, 1955. 58 p., [12] p., 48 p. of pl.: ill., maps; 21 cm. NK4315 Bibliography: p. 58. Odborné katalogy sbírek Uměleckoprůmyslového musea v Praze a v Brně; 1. Stacks CorningDB Majolica, ...

  10. Old American kitchenware 1725-1925 [by] Louise K. Lantz.

    Lantz, Louise K.
    Hanover, Pa. Everybody's Press, c1970, 1980 printing.

    Lantz, Louise K. 21998 Hanover, Pa. Everybody's Press, c1970, 1980 printing. 290 p. illus., facsims. 26 cm. TX656 Includes index. Bibliography: p. 283-285. Stacks CorningDB Implements, utensils, etc. Collectors and collecting. Implements, utensils, ...

  11. Glas / von Bruno Mauder.

    Mauder, Bruno, 1877-1948.
    Berlin : Gustav Weise, 1944.

    Mauder, Bruno, 1877-1948. 29403 Berlin: Gustav Weise, 1944. 7 p., 12 β. of plates; 23 cm. NK5198.M445 All works shown designed by Bruno Mauder and executed by various German glass companies; half at the Meisterschule, Zwiesel. Flooded, some damage. f-639, ...

  12. Newsletter / Park Avenue Paperweights.

    Highland Park, Ill. : Park Avenue Paperweights,

    Park Avenue Paperweights. 37842 Highland Park, Ill.: Park Avenue Paperweights, v.; 29 cm. Caption title. Description based on: Sept./Oct. 1982; title from caption. Periodical CorningDB Paperweights Collectors and collecting Periodicals. ...

  13. Conservation treatment facilities in the United States / National Conservation Advisory Council.

    National Conservation Advisory Council (U.S.)
    Washington, D.C. : The Council, 1980.

    National Conservation Advisory Council (U.S.) 22636 Washington, D.C.: The Council, 1980. vii, 43 p.; 23 cm. N8555 "December, 1980." Includes bibliographical references. Stacks CorningDB Cultural property Protection United States. Art objects ...

  14. Plastic molding, a comprehensive study, by D. A. Dearle.

    Dearle, Denis A. (Denis Arthur), 1902-
    Brooklyn, N.Y., Chemical publishing co., inc., 1941.

    Dearle, Denis A. (Denis Arthur), 1902- 23763 Brooklyn, N.Y., Chemical publishing co., inc., 1941. vi, 131 p. illus. 23 cm. TP1150 From the collection of Frederick Carder. Special CorningDB Plastics Molding. ...

  15. Současné sovětské sklo: 8 výtvarníkůz RSFSR / Uměleckoprůmyslové Muzeum v Praze, Svaz Výtvarných Umělců SSSR, Ministerstvo Kultury ČSR.

    Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze.
    Prague : Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum, 1971.

    Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze. Czechoslovakia. Ministerstvo kultury. 20296 Prague: Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum, 1971. [17] β.: ill.; 24 cm. NK5156 Biographies of 8 Russian glass artists. Catalog by L. Romanovová or Romanova. Summary in French. ...

  16. In search of V. O. C. glass.

    Heller, David.
    Cape Town, Maskew Miller [1951?]

    Heller, David. 27744 Cape Town, Maskew Miller [1951?] 103 p., 11 leaves of plates; 25 cm. NK5154 F-2099, 3 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5154.H47. Cage CorningDB Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie. Glassware Netherlands 18th century. Glassware South ...

  17. Patricia Baez.

    Baez, Patricia.
    [Col. Noche Buena, México, D.F. : P. Baez, 1987?]

    Baez, Patricia. Gutiérrez, Luis, 1944- Olmedo, Dolores. 34599 Elemento magico [Col. Noche Buena, México, D.F.: P. Baez, 1987?] [12] plates in porfolio: col. ill.; 25 x 25 cm. F-12925 Cover title. Text by Luis Gutierrez and Dolores Olmedo. In Spanish and ...

  18. Early Arabic glass weights and stamps: a supplement / by George C. Miles.

    Miles, George Carpenter, 1904-1975.
    New York : American Numismatic Society, 1951.

    Miles, George Carpenter, 1904-1975. 21432 New York: American Numismatic Society, 1951. 60 p., 4 plates: ill.; 23 cm. CJ3413 Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Numismatic notes & monographs; no.120 Numismatic notes and monographs; no. 120 ...

  19. The decimal plate and sheet glass calculator: containing more than 28,000 superficial areas, expressed in feet and decimals of a foot with concise examples for readily ascertaining the contents of any number of lights of whatever size / compiled and published by Samuel S. Lindsay.

    Lindsay, Samuel Stewart, 1856-
    Erie, Pa. : Ashby Co., c1925.

    Lindsay, Samuel Stewart, 1856- 32785 Erie, Pa.: Ashby Co., c1925. 3 p. l. 95 p.; 26 cm. TP860 Lindsay was comptroller of Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Cage CorningDB Flat glass Tables. Plate glass Tables. ...

  20. Blue book. new series, v. 1, 1893-

    Tiffany and Company.
    New York : Tiffany & Co., 1892-
    Trade Catalogs

    Tiffany and Company. 28686 New York: Tiffany & Co., 1892- v.: ill.; 12 cm. Tableware: Tiffany and Co., New York, NY, USA (F-3064T) Includes Tiffany silver marks, silverware, jewelry, pottery and glass, Tiffany Favrile glass, stationery, etc.; ...

  21. Les vitraux vaudois de Jean Prahin / Samuel Dubuis.

    Dubuis, Samuel.
    Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Suisse : Editions Ouverture, [1992]

    Dubuis, Samuel. 2884130071 35092 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Suisse: Editions Ouverture, [1992] 67 p.; 21 cm. NK5398.P90 Stacks CorningDB Prahin, Jean, 1918- Glass painting and staining Switzerland Vaud 20th century. Glass painters Switzerland 20th century. ...

  22. Gravity and heat as tools for shaping glass / by Gerardo Selva.

    Selva, Gerardo, 1952-

    Selva, Gerardo, 1952- 32974 1988. 31 leaves: ill.; 28 cm. NK5198.S469 Thesis (MFA)--Rochester Institute of Technology. Bibliography: leaf 31. Stacks CorningDB Selva, Gerardo, 1952- Glass artists Costa Rica 20th century. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  ...

  23. Berliner Kunst vom Barock bis zur Gegenwart.

    Märkisches Museum.
    Berlin : Märkisches Musem, [1962?]

    Märkisches Museum. 29832 Berlin: Märkisches Musem, [1962?] 32, 8 p., [24] β. of plates(some col.); 21 cm. N2250.M3 Stacks CorningDB Art Germany Berlin Catalogs. ...

  24. Les Eglises de Gand: I: Saint Nicolas, la cathédrale Saint Bavon / par le Baron Verhaegen.

    Verhaegen, Pierre, baron, 1873-
    Bruxelles : Nouvelle Société d'Editions, 1937.

    Verhaegen, Pierre, baron, 1873- 34911 Bruxelles: Nouvelle Société d'Editions, 1937. 37 p.: 72 pl.; 33 cm. NA5671.G41 Some of the illustrations show the stained glass, but there is no description of the windows. Gand is the French form of Gent, for ...

  25. Meistri gwydr: gwydr lliu cyfoes o orllewin yr almaen = Glass masters: contemporary stained glass from West Germany.

    Welsh Arts Council.
    [s.l.] : Welsh Art Council, 1980.

    Welsh Arts Council. Harrison, Martin. Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Museum, Swansea. 22055 Glass masters [s.l.]: Welsh Art Council, 1980. 1 v. ([47] p.): col. ill.; 16 x 16 cm. NK5350 In Welsh and English. Foreword by Andrew Knight; Introduction by Tim ...

  26. Glaskunst in Architektur: Gedanken und Anregungen = Glass art in architecture: thoughts and ideas / Jochem Poensgen, mit Beiträgen von Ed Carpenter, Ellen Mandelbaum.

    Poensgen, Jochem, 1931-
    Düsseldorf: Studio Jochem Poensgen, 1987.

    Poensgen, Jochem, 1931- Carpenter, Ed, 1946- Mandelbaum, Ellen. British Crafts Council. Glass in the Environment Conference (1986: London, England) 34013 Düsseldorf: Studio Jochem Poensgen, 1987. 88 p.: ill. (some col.); 24 cm. NK5310 Text in German and ...

  27. Joppa Glassworks catalog of fact and knowledge / by Dudley F. Giberson, Jr.

    Giberson, Dudley.
    Warner, NH : Joppa Glassworks, 1994.

    Giberson, Dudley. Joppa Glassworks. 35878 Warner, NH: Joppa Glassworks, 1994. 6th ed. 18 p.: ill.; 22 cm. TP859.5 Cover title. Original catalog is hand written and drawn, and photocopied for distribution. Includes bibliographical references. Stacks ...

  28. Olaf Stevens.

    Stevens, Olaf, 1954-
    Gorinchem, The Netherlands : O. Stevens, [1990?]

    Stevens, Olaf, 1954- Ober, Jerven. 9071523047 36438 Gorinchem, The Netherlands: O. Stevens, [1990?] 16 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 x 23 cm. NK4210.S84 Text by Jerven Ober. Laid in: Invitation to an exhibition of the artist's work. Stacks CorningDB ...

  29. Le livre de tous les ménages, ou l'art de conserver, pendant plusiers années, toutes les substances animales et végétales / par M. Appert.

    Appert, Nicolas, 1749-1841.
    Paris : Barrois L'Ainé, 1831.

    Appert, Nicolas, 1749-1841. 20051 Art de conserver Paris: Barrois L'Ainé, 1831. 4. ed., rev. et augm. de procédés nouveaux, d'expériences et d'observations nouvelles. xix, 267 p., 4 fold. plates; 21 cm. TX603 Special CorningDB Canning ...

  30. The life and work of Robert Hancock; an account of the life of the 18th century engraver and of his designs on Battersea and Staffordshire enamels and Bow and Worcester porcelain.

    Cook, Cyril.
    London : Chapman and Hall, 1948.

    Cook, Cyril. 26124 London: Chapman and Hall, 1948. xvi, 88, [255] p.: ill.; 23 cm. NK4607 Bibliography: p. xiii-xvi. "Appendix: List of designs" ([255] p.) Index: p. 84-88. Stacks CorningDB Hancock, Robert, 1730-1817. Transfer-printing. ...

  31. Ausglass conference report 1989.

    [S.l.] : Australian Association of Glass Artists, 1989.

    French, Liz. Ausglass Conference (1989: Melbourne, Victoria) 33710 [S.l.]: Australian Association of Glass Artists, 1989. 33 p.: ill.; 30 cm. NK5190 Conference report by Liz French. Stacks CorningDB Glass art Australia 20th century Congresses. Studio ...

  32. Crystal identification guide.

    Replacements, Ltd.
    Greensboro, NC : Replacements, Ltd., 1995.

    Replacements, Ltd. 36243 Title on 1st prelim. p.: Crystal ID guide Greensboro, NC: Replacements, Ltd., 1995. 100 p.: chiefly ill.; 28 cm. NK5110 Cover title. Primarily American-made, but includes some European glassware. Includes index to patterns. Stacks ...

  33. This is glass.

    Corning Glass Works.
    Corning, N.Y. : Corning Glass Works, 1967.

    Corning Glass Works. 31597 Corning, N.Y.: Corning Glass Works, 1967. 56 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP857.3 Cover image is glass piping. Timeline covers through 1966. Cage CorningDB Corning Glass Works. Glass United States 20th century. Location:  Secured Stacks ...

  34. Russian applied art: eighteenth to early twentieth century / Russian Museum, Leningrad; [compiled and introd. by E. Ivanova; edited by V. Pushkariov; photos. by V. Stukalov; translated by Yu. Nemetsky].

    Gosudarstvennyĭ russkiĭ muzeĭ (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
    Leningrad : Aurora, 1976.

    Gosudarstvennyĭ russkiĭ muzeĭ (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Ivanova, Elena. 24796 Leningrad: Aurora, 1976. 199 p.: chiefly col. ill.; 29 cm. NK975 Stacks CorningDB Gosudarstvennyĭ russkiĭ muzeĭ (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Art objects Russia. Glassware ...

  35. Ethnic jewelry / edited by John Mack.

    New York : Abrams, c1988.

    Mack, John. 0810908913 24603 New York: Abrams, c1988. 207 p.: ill. (some col.), maps; 29 cm. NK7304 Includes bibliographical references (p. 200-[201]) and index. Stacks CorningDB Ethnic jewelry. Jewelry Africa. Jewelry Indians of North America. Beads. ...

  36. Hundert Jahre Budapester Museum für Kunstgewerbe.

    Batári, Ferenc.
    [s.l. : s.n., 1972?]

    Batári, Ferenc. Iparművészeti Múzeum (Hungary) Collegium Hungaricum (Vienna, Austria) 21240 [s.l.: s.n., 1972?] 16 p.: ill.; 23 cm. N1616 Glassware: Items 42, 43, 49. "Ausstellung im Collegium Hungaricum zu Wien." Stacks CorningDB ...